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CI Dentistry Launches Campaign Aimed at Boosting Knowledge of Smile-Improving Options

New effort will make many more people aware of the transformative power and lifestyle-friendly convenience of wide variety of modern cosmetic dental procedures, CI Dentistry reports


Palmdale, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- CI Dentistry, a leading Los Angeles-area dental practice, announced the start of a new educational campaign focused on conveying the many ways that patients' smiles can easily and effectively be improved by skilled dentists. Consisting of a number of media appearances, local outreach efforts, and other coordinated activities, the campaign will help individuals in the practice's area of operation better understand their options regarding cosmetic and routine dental services.

"Here at CI Dentistry, we've helped countless people obtain the bright, beautiful smiles they have always wanted," the founder of CI Dentistry, Celia Infante, D.D.S., stated, "and, with our new campaign, we are going to help many more people understand that they don't have to settle for the status quo." Regular dental examinations and professional cleaning services are cornerstones of dental health, and improved dental condition can contribute directly to better overall health, particularly with regard to the heart and the cardiovascular system, as noted on the CI Dentistry website. Cosmetic dental work, including teeth whitening and high-quality dental implants, can have similarly salutary implications, in that it often boosts self-confidence and levels of happiness in ways that support overall health, as well.

CI Dentistry provides a wide variety of cosmetic services which can provide everything from full-fledged transformations for smiles that are least satisfactory, to slight tune-ups for those which are nearly where their owners want them to be to begin with. In addition to provide top-quality routine dental cleanings, care, and examinations, the practice is equipped to conduct such in-demand procedures as the installation and maintenance of Invisalign braces, effective teeth-whitening treatments, and dental implants in Palmdale. Dr. Infante consults directly with patients who are considering such procedures to ensure that only the most appropriate ones will be undertaken and that realistic expectations about outcomes are developed.

"There is really nothing that helps spread happiness more than a beautiful, confident smile," Dr. Infante continued, "and with our new campaign, we are going to help many more people in the area understand that they don't have to settle for anything less." Through a variety of appearances in local media outlets and a concerted push for improved awareness through other channels, CI Dentistry expects to help thousands of people within the campaign's reach come to better understandings of how their smiles can be improved effectively, easily, and affordable. Those interested in an early peek at the new campaign's main points of focus can acquire one at the CI Dentistry website, where appointments for the dentist in Palmdale can also be booked and a wide range of related educational materials also awaits visitors.

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One of the most successful and highly regarded dental practices in the Los Angeles area, CI Dentistry is led by Celia Infante, D.D.S. The practice provides a broad range of top-quality services to patients, from basic and routine dental cleanings and examinations to highly involved restorative procedures.