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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2021 -- Clinical jobs span a broad spectrum of roles, from those "at the bench" to clinical operations careers that involve overseeing the research process and ensuring that protocols are being adhered to. In the year of COVID-19, the importance of the clinical trial has been much more broadly appreciated as many more people take an interest in how the process works and what's involved. In the US there have been critical trials that have underpinned the efficacy of various vaccines, including the AstraZeneca US Phase III trial, called D8110C00001. The results of this trial, published on the AstraZeneca website in March 2021 showed vaccine efficacy of 79% at preventing symptomatic COVID-19 and 100% efficacy at preventing severe disease and hospitalization. Given that we are just 12 months on from the beginning of lockdown conditions in most parts of the world, the speed at which these trials have moved has been intense. Developed by both the University of Oxford in the UK and its spin-out company Vaccitech, AZD1222 is a vaccination that has now received conditional marketing authorization for emergency use in 70+ countries across six continents and has made a significant impact on the effectiveness of virus response in many countries. It is an unprecedented situation in terms of global visibility and, in innovation terms, something that those in clinical operations careers can feel inspired by.

EPM Scientific has a proud heritage in life sciences that extends back to 2012 when the firm was first established. The intervening years have seen consultants at the firm design bespoke recruitment solutions that create real and long-lasting opportunities for clients and candidates across the USA. Extensive knowledge of the nationwide market for life sciences in the USA - including in areas such as clinical operations careers - is combined with a broad international perspective and real global reach. The team of dedicated and insightful consultants at EPM Scientific has extensive experience in designing individual recruiting solutions that support organizations across life sciences in responding to current challenges and opportunities.

At present, EPM Scientific has an extensive range of positions available throughout the US. These include: Senior Medical Science Liaison, Vice President of US Medical Affairs, Clinical Data Programmer, Senior Statistical Programmer Lead – Remote Based, Product Manager, Medical Director, Clinical Specialist – Respiratory, Medical Communications Manager, Quality Management System Analytics, Project Manager, Scientific Director and Director – Pharmacovigilance Safety Evaluation, to name a few. For those seeking to build resilient and creative teams - or individuals keen to make a career-defining next step - the consultants at EPM Scientific are the first port of call.

"Like many sectors, 2020 marked a defining moment for recruitment. Challenged by uncertainty, but unwavering in our commitment to our clients, we enter 2021 with a sense of duty to clients and candidates", commented Luis Rolim, Global Marketing Director at EPM Scientific. He went onto say, "as we reflect on the challenges of virtually securing and retaining talent, we're inspired by a team who have demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt and continue to help all our clients secure top talent on a global scale."

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