The Commodity Robot Is Released to the Public


Belfast, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2014 -- The Commodity Robot, a trading robot that specifically designed to deal with commodities, is released to the public today. The Commodity Robot takes commodity trading to a whole new level. “This is a new approach to making money and I have seen nothing but gains since I started less than a year ago,” comments Steve, one person who has been testing out the system.

While many people are spending money investing in stocks that are more closely linked to the buying habits of others in the market, two developers have determined that the greater investment is in commodities like oil, silver or gold.

Trading gold, oil, and silver can be a profitable means of making money in today’s market. In order to become profitable, however, one needs to use a system that allows trades to be made on time and with the correct signals.

Commodity Robot Live Results

The commodity software does a lot of the work on behalf of the investor. The tools embedded within the software will provide signals as well as alarms as the commodities change so that a person knows when they need to act. While gold, oil, and silver are the prime items that people are trading, there is also the opportunity to trade palladium, copper, coffee, and even bitcoin.

“Genuine cash accounts have been able to triple by using the Commodity Robot. We have seen investors with a 570% gain in less than one year of trading,” boasts Anthony, one of the developers that sit behind the program.

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The Commodity Robot gold module works similar to that of the oil module. People will learn about the different karats of gold and what the rates are. There will also be signals embedded within the software so that there is no need to do additional research. All of what a person needs to know and do is inside of the program so that trading is simplified. As Ronald explains, “we took the guess work out of the trading process.”

The official launch of Commodity Robot goes live on 14 May, which allows anyone to download the software and begin making trades in a more effective manner. All that a person needs will be explained inside of the software. It is designed to minimize the amount of time that a person spends in front of the computer in order to make the trades. A few minutes a day will be required in order to look over the reports and determine what should be traded.

An array of tools are provided within the software as well. With oil and gold modules, along with many others, people learn where they should be investing in order to remain profitable throughout the year.

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