Credit Card Reduction Day Welcomed at

It's time for families to pull out the scissors and cut their credit cards, tossing the plastic in the trash, according to the consumer credit experts at


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2016 -- The new recognition day, begun in 2016, 'credit card reduction day' is being welcomed enthusiastically by the personal finance team at The company is calling for American consumers to take a moment to reflect on the revolving debt they hold, and to cut up their credit cards altogether.

It's a great opportunity for people to consider how the debts they carry impact their lives. High interest, rolling balances can not only be destructive to ones finances, large credit card debts take an emotional toll on the debtor, family and friends as well according to the firm.

"Owing huge amounts of money, barely making the minimum payment each month, with no means of getting ahead is terribly dispiriting. It destroys hope," stated Ariel Pryor, credit expert and founder.

The company is not unfamiliar with the hidden costs of overwhelming debts. They were founded with a mission of helping people rebuild after suffering severe financial setbacks. People who want a refinance their high interest balances can view their consolidation options here to reduce their costs Their visitors often have bad credit scores, are frequently recovering from bankruptcy or foreclosure, and are just working to get back on their feet after being crushed by their debts.

"Reducing credit card dependence is a smart move. Nobody intends to get overwhelmed by what they owe. However, bills can pile up unexpectedly and emergencies happen. Manageable credit card debt can become overwhelming unexpectedly, overnight." added Mr. Pryor.

The debt experts with the company recommend a gradual approach for people reducing what they owe. Their initial advice: determine to become debt free, put a plan in place, and pay what you can to reduce your balances in a consistent manner.

"People don't need to quick their charge card habits cold turkey. 0% interest balance transfers, debt consolidation options and other resources can help buy savings and time for a household to restructure their personal finances and eliminate credit card debt," he added.

It's important for people to realize they aren't in this alone. A wealth of financial guides and credit resources are available for free at the company website, designed to support people working to improve their financial situation.

A number of powerful money savings tips to help make it easier for people to make credit card reduction a reality in their life, according to the website. Countless others have been able to eliminate their revolving credit debt and achieve their budget goals. Visitors are encouraged to follow in their footsteps, take each day one at a time, and put the need for their credit cards behind them.

People who want to see more of their recommended money savings tips or DIY consumer credit hacks are encouraged to connect via Gpogle+ to see more of the company's money success straight talk at

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