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London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2022 -- The latest publication titled Customer Loyalty in Apparel – Thematic Research has examined the several factors expected to fuel the demand for customer loyalty programs in the apparel industry. Apparel retailers can be classified based on the target audience they cater to and can create their loyalty programs accordingly. In addition, retailers are also offering point-based loyalty programs, allowing shoppers to receive discounts on product costs on later purchases. Apparel retailers are improving customer retention by providing empathetic customer service. Brands are focusing on creating a strong omnichannel presence to promote progress in areas including sustainability and inclusivity.

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Customer Loyalty in Apparel Industry Trends

- Technology trends
- AI-based technologies
- Blockchain
- Mobile
- Mobile wallets

- Macroeconomic trends
- COVID-19
- Growth in online and mobile spend
- Security concerns

- Consumer trends
- Fulfilment
- Payments
- Shift away from physical formats

- Regulatory trends
- Data privacy

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Customer Loyalty in Apparel Region-wise Highlights

As the online channel plays an increasingly important part in consumers' everyday shopping behavior, retailers are focusing more on ensuring seamless online shopping journeys and incorporating loyalty programs into this channel. Customer loyalty initiatives adopted by apparel retailers vary across regions. This is because of the dynamic nature of customer requirements which generally vary by the country they live in, their income level, the economy, and the standard of living among others.

The report covers customer loyalty in the apparel industry analysis across geographies including-

- APAC: In China, loyalty programs have been made mainstream by Alibaba, which has successfully incorporated these programs into the customer journey through various touchpoints. Also, Alipay launched a loyalty program called Ant Forest in late 2016 which has grown over the years. Amazon's Prime loyalty program, with its rewards through free shipping and faster delivery across all product categories including fashion items, has also found success among the Indian audience.

- Americas: Large apparel retailers in the US have been quick to adopt omnichannel strategies to enhance the customer experience and drive loyalty. companies such as Walmart and Amazon are improving delivery services such as click-and-collect to provide more convenient fulfilment. US-based multinational retailer Walmart introduced a membership program called Walmart Plus, which offers subscribers online and in-store benefits such as unlimited free delivery.

- Europe: Europe is a mature and saturated market for retailers; companies operating in this region must innovate their loyalty schemes if they are to remain relevant to customers. Apart from rewards and exclusive benefits, the membership also comes with early access to notifications regarding sales and shopping events as well as promotional campaigns.

- MEA: As in other regions, online penetration in MEA has increased in recent years and retailers should adjust their engagement strategies to drive loyalty among consumers accordingly. The renowned Landmark Group in Dubai launched the Shukran Rewards loyalty program in partnership with 57 global brands, including apparel retailers. Another app-based loyalty program, Club Apparel, was launched by the fashion and lifestyle conglomerate Apparel Group across the entire GCC region.

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Customer Loyalty in Apparel Industry Value Chain Insights

- Manufacturing/distribution
- Quality management
- Sustainability
- Product traceability

- Retail
- Loyalty programs
- Shopping experience
- Customer engagement

- After sales
- Returns and cancellation management
- Customer support and feedback
- Data collection/interpretation

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