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Cyberdog Treats Supplying 100% Real Meat Dog Treats for over Two Decades


York, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2017 -- Lovers of four-legged hairy pooches, the Cyberdog Treats has stood for over two decades, feeding pets the best 100% real meat. All of their all-natural dog treats are made only with real meat, devoid of any additives or fillers. Customers respect where Cyberdog Treats is coming from. Being veteran owned and operated, they're loyal to their customers, just like their dogs, and country. As far as premier all American-made beef sticks, jerky treats, and trachea treats go, Cyberdog Treats is bar none.

Cyberdog Treats brings its customers the grade and selection of meat that they and their dogs deserve. Any savvy dog owner knows the true value of all-natural dog treats. A dog's life is brightened by a healthier diet, much like a human's. Between beef bully sticks, beef jerky sticks, beef rib, beef tendon, and beef trachea treats, an owner and their dog could chew away for weeks. Because Cyberdog Treats purchases their meat straight from their distributor, they're able to guarantee it's soy and additive free.

Beyond their purity, the best part of Cyberdog Treats may be their longevity and durability. Dogs will be occupied for days, teething on these tracheas and tendons. A treat like a bully stick satiates any dog, and is safely swallowed and digested. Cyberdog's beef jerky exceeds regular beef jerky in its ruggedness, while keeping a dog's joints healthy and lubricated, just like the vet ordered. All-natural ingredients include beef, rice protein, a slew of spices, salt, garlic powder, and potassium sorbate.

All healthy dog owners are encouraged to contact Cyberdog Treats at 800-667-1513 or visit their website.

About Cyberdog Treats
Cyberdog Treats is a veteran owned and operated online store that is based out of York, PA. They have been selling to wholesale distributors for over 25 years and are direct distributors and import wholesalers of bully sticks, jerky treats, rawhide, beef ribs, deer ribs, tendons, trachea treats, and many other products that dogs love. All of their current products are 100% real meat, additive and filler free, cooked for 24 hours, and raised and processed in the United States. A percentage of all sales goes to Wounded Warrior.

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