Joe Bragg Launches a Dallas Criminal Lawyer Blog


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2012 -- recently launched a Dallas criminal lawyer blog. The website is managed by Michael Lowe, a certified criminal defense attorney who serves the state of Texas. Although based in Dallas, the Law Offices of Michael Lowe have represented clients across the state and Michael Lowe has been involved in over 150 criminal trials throughout the state.

The blog features the latest news in Dallas criminal law as well as useful editorial content aimed at educating the public regarding their rights particularly when dealing with police officers and the legal system. Posts are separated into categories like “Corrupt Cops” and “Death Row”, making it easy for visitors to find the articles they need. There is also a popular Dallas Justice DWI section which explains the best legal ways to handle a police check-stop.

The blog goes further than simply reporting the news as Michael Lowe contributes his own analysis into each blog post. A spokesperson for explained how this analysis helps both citizens and other lawyers:

“When police officers issue a press release, it’s designed to paint police officers in the best possible light. As a result, it can be difficult for the average citizen to determine what that press release means for their rights and freedoms. At, the goal is to report the factual news before offering detailed analysis on how that news affects the privacy of Texans.”

One recent news story discussed an investment in spy planes by the State of Texas. These drones and spy planes cost the state millions of dollars and can read license plates from over one half-mile away. In that blog post, Michael Lowe explained that even those who are not charged with a crime risk having their information stored by police officers.

Lowe cites a statement by the Austin American Civil Liberties Union which claimed this information could be used to track innocent citizens. This could have implications on divorce cases and marketing research, among other things, with the end result being that civil liberties are being infringed upon.

About offers the latest news about Dallas law enforcement. The blog is managed by Michael Lowe, a board certified criminal defense attorney who operates out of Dallas. Michael Lowe has tried over 150 criminal jury trials all over the state of Texas and has previous experience as a Dallas County felony drug prosecutor. He uses this experience to help people accused of crimes in Texas. For more information, please visit: