Dance Studio Turns to Crowdfunding for Assistance


Bayonne, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- With summer right around the corner, there is a huge push to get in the perfect bikini shape, and fortunately for those in and around Bayonne, New Jersey, there is the perfect combination of dance and fitness for the days on and nights off the beach.

Ladies who seek the sleek bikini body will find the fitness aspect helpful, and the ladies who want to dance the night away after a long day on the beach will find not only the stamina, but also the right moves to enjoy themselves on the dance floor.

“We are trying to get ready for summer with our one-of-a kind studio. Offering something for all women, this studio is the perfect fusion of fitness and dance,” said Marie Medina of Fitness Meets Dance Studio.

Offering a variety of activities and dances from Zumba, Pilates, Turbo Kick, Yoga and more, the studio is all but ready to open.

“We have almost everything we have to have, except one key element – funding. So we turned to crowdfunding and for help,” Medina said. is a crowdfunding site. Crowdfunding is a way to help entrepreneurs get projects off the ground by soliciting funds from a variety of sources and people. With Fitness and Dance Studios, you can help for as little as $1.00.

“Those who wish to or can contribute at least $5.00 will find a host of great benefits and freebies from dance classes, videos, logo wear and more,” Medina said.

Founded in 2012, Fitness Meets Dance Studio is based on the concept of fun and inspirational experiences and empowering women to reach their highest potential inside and out with a combination of dance, movement and fitness. A home away from home, a true sanctuary for women, this studio will provide a tranquil atmosphere with an ornate décor.

“We spread the awareness of dance formats and music through our work in the studio,” Medina added.

About Fitness Meets Dance Studio
Fitness Meets Dance is a studio for women, empowering and inspiring them through fitness, movement and dance, currently operated out of a church basement and looking to open a full fledge studio in the heart of Bayonne, NJ. The studio will offer both dance and fitness classes to stimulate both the mind and body. Passionate owner, Marie Medina, is in need of your help to get Fitness Meets Dance Studio off the ground! Help us meet the funding needed to open this studio!