Daniel Binderlehner Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for the Xapkin Tab: The Innovative Tissue That Puts Clean in Anyone's Pocket


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2014 -- The Xapkin Tab is an innovative refreshing cloth which has been pressed into a small round shape. The Tab is approximately 2cm in diameter and 1cm in height. By dousing the Tab in the accompanying special fragrance it will unfold and become a 23x23cm size cloth that one can use anywhere to clean anything; one’s own skin, a seat on the bus or train, all work surfaces and practically anything else. The combination of the Xapkin Tab and the specially-formulated fragrances that complements the Tab makes it the perfect cleaning product in our modern world where germs, bacteria and just common dirt are of constant concern.

Mr. Binderlehnder’s goal was to develop a functional and practical cloth that’s convenient for everyday use for people on the go while being eco-friendly and not taking up valuable space in landfills all over the world. The compact size of the Tab is pocket-sized in the truest form making it easy and convenient for anyone who wants cleanliness on the spot anytime and anywhere. The Xapkin Tab is an all-purpose cloth made out of a flexible fabric which is compostable and will decompose residue-free after a month.

In this day and age with higher densities of germs along with the health risks they represent, we all know how easy it is contract an illness or infection. It’s common knowledge that regular and thorough hand washing is essential to keep us healthy. Cruise ships are constantly reminding their passengers of this fact in light all of the recent news of hundreds of passengers falling ill while at sea. Cleanliness is the first line of defense against illness which is why Daniel Binderlehner and his team also developed a special cleaning liquid to intensify the Tabs cleaning ability giving travelers, workers and absolutely anyone total peace of mind wherever they happen to be.

There are currently three different fragrance’s available; citrus, rose and eucalyptus

About Crowdfunding
With development of the Xapkin Tab complete, crowdfunding is sought to acquire the production capacity necessary to produce the Tab in mass quantities. This entails the acquisition of mixing tanks, agitators, scales and filling stations. A portion of funds raised will be devoted to marketing and advertising through different forms of media. Long-term plans include develop the development of new fragrances and different formulas in order to have the ideal cleaning solution for every possible situation to the benefit of the world.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on [DATE TO BE DETERMINED]

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