Press Releases From 07/01/2021 Until 07/31/2021

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Cloopen Group Holding Limited (NYSE:RAAS) Investor Notice: Investigation over Possible Wrongdoing

LogoCertain directors of Cloopen Group Holding Limited are under investigation over potential breaches of fiduciary duties.

Array Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:ARRY) Investor Notice: Deadline in Lawsuit on July 13, 2021

LogoThe Shareholders Foundation announced that a deadline is coming up on July 13, 2021 in the lawsuit filed for certain investors of Array Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:ARRY).

NASDSQ:IOVA Shareholder Alert: Investigation Concerning Possible Wrongdoing at Iovance Biotherapeutics, Inc.

LogoCertain directors of Iovance Biotherapeutics, Inc. are under investigation over potential breaches of fiduciary duties.

Commercial P2P CDN Market May Reach to $2.60 Billion by 2023

Logohe research report categorizes the commercial P2P CDN market to forecast revenues and analyze trends by Content type, solution, service, end-user segment, vertical, and region.

Dison Family Dentistry Announces Gum Treatment Services in North Miami

Dison Family Dentistry is proud to announce that they are now providing a range of gum treatment services in North Miami.

Enterprise Solutions Recruitment in the IT and Technology Sectors

LogoAs cloud services have expanded, we have increasingly become used to being able to access them whenever we want to, regardless of spikes in demand or other availability factors. The way that this is now facilitated is via hyperconverged data center appliances because they provide the speed to satisfy overwhelming demand being generated by billions of people all over the world, every hour of every day. Hyperconverged appliances are powerful, next generation machines that have everything going for them, including computing power, storage and networking.

Leading the Way in Commodities and Investment Management Recruitment

LogoYou don't have to look far these days to find evidence of the considerable influence that social media has on the stock market. The latest example of this is Senesonics, which is a business that makes insulin monitors. When Senesonics had a particularly good weekend on social media its stock became a potential serious squeeze target and mentions were up 600% on volume. Senesonics was part of a January surge in 'meme stocks' but has had an up and down experience in the months since - until short interest started to spike in June and individual investors started to take notice.

A New Era of Risk Management Recruitment USA

LogoLike many areas of banking and financial services, risk management has often struggled with diversity. Now, the Risk Management Association (RMA) has launched a new community initiative that is specifically designed to help women move through the ranks in areas where unconscious bias and a lack of diverse opportunities may previously have held them back.

Sales and Trading Opportunities Across the USA

LogoEnvironmentally friendly investment products are a burgeoning trend right now and the list of sales and trading opportunities in this area gets longer every day. We have already seen the idea of green equity being floated by the likes of Goldman Sachs and now there are crypto-miners who have revealed that they are looking into the sale of a green bitcoin.

Opportunities in USA Quantitative Analysis Careers

LogoArtificial Intelligence (AI) experts at the Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance have long been investigating the ways in which machine learning can have a role to play in investment management, especially in applications where there is a high volume of data. At the start of June 2021, the Man Group Plc-backed researchers at the University of Oxford said that the AI that they had developed now had the capacity to predict the movements of the stock market.

Crowson Law Group: A Reputable Law Firm Providing Reliable Lawyers in Alaska

LogoWith law offices in Anchorage and Wasilla, Alaska, Crowson Law Group provides legal aid for Alaskans with legal issues pertaining to accident and personal injury claims. Their services are offered to plaintiffs who are victims of accidents such as motorcycle accidents, automobile accidents, dog bites, firearm accidents, boat accidents, aircraft accidents, pedestrian accidents, truck accidents, and more. Furthermore, the law firm does not charge its clients with any fee until they achieve a successful outcome at the end of the cases of their clients.

IT & Tech Recruitment - Google and Beyond

LogoNew design isn't always news in technology but the changes that were recently announced at Gmail do mark a shift for the search giant. The focus is on collaboration and productivity, with a range of new tools announced that will also work across other Google apps, including Docs. The aim of the redesign is to centralize all of the productivity tools available in Google and make Gmail the place where everything is controlled.

Orchard City RV Provides Quality, Easy to Drive RVs for Rent

LogoOrchard City RV is a company with an enviable reputation for a friendly, reliable, and hassle-free service, with new RVs for modern, clean, and reliable rent. The RVs are well maintained to ensure clients have a great deal of fun. They privately own all the RVs, thus enabling them to provide them at the best price. Their RVs are both child and pet-friendly and are fully equipped with the essentials one needs for traveling.

Get Extra Deep King Sheet Sets from Luxury Egyptian Linens

LogoLuxury Egyptian Linens specializes in providing exceptional home linens products to their clients. The company only avails first-class bed linens that are worthy of the most elite hotels and homes. Their goal is to provide high-quality linens products to clients at a relatively lower price than the prevailing market price.

DivorceGo Provides Comprehensive Advocacy

LogoDivorceGo is a law firm owned and operated by Bluetown law. The law firm is fully equipped with an experienced family lawyer in which clients can trust to complete their case quickly and efficiently. In addition, they understand what individuals go through due to family law cases, assisting them every step of the way.

Renewable Energy Infrastructure Engineering and Holograms

LogoSolar energy is well established as a sustainable power option but it's not an area where innovation ever stands still. Given that the energy from sunlight amounts to 10,000 times more than the energy requirements that the world currently has there is clearly more that can be done.

Innovation in Engineering Infrastructure Recruitment

LogoTraffic is a problem that has affected infrastructure all over the country. However, the solutions offered by technology have the potential to help ease this. The Maine and New Hampshire transport departments are about to put to the test new technology that is designed to help avoid traffic issues on the bridge that connects the two states.

ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE Offers Well-Organized Foreign Exchange Programs

ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE offers affordable study abroad programs, including high school abroad, a gap year abroad, summer abroad, and many more. They allow students to discover another culture, learn a new language, and truly become global citizens. With the organizations' programs, individuals are assured of getting great life experiences. Trained Rotarian volunteers to manage the organization. That is why they can provide affordable programs.

In Vivo Toxicology Market Worth $6.6 Billion by 2025 – Increasing Demand for Personalized Medicine

LogoNorth America accounted for the largest share of the in vivo toxicology market.

BELLUS Health Inc. (NASDAQ:BLU) Long Term Shareholder Notice: Investigation of Potential Wrongdoing

LogoCertain directors of BELLUS Health Inc are under investigation concerning potential breaches of fiduciary duties.

Medical Radiation Detection Market Worth $1,207 Million by 2025 – Growing Number of Diagnostic Imaging Centers

LogoNorth America accounted for the largest share of the medical radiation detection, monitoring and safety market.

Bluepiper Design Studio Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its New Toys

Bluepiper Design is a Vancouver based games and toys design studio in Canada and it has proudly announced the launch of its new series of Blindbox toys that were first launched by Red Capsule Design in 2019. The studio has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to introduce this project, and it is welcoming the Kickstarter community for their generous pledges and donations.

Nutritional Analysis Market Worth $7.9 Billion by 2026

LogoNutritional Analysis Market by Parameter, Product Type (Beverages, Bakery & Confectionery, Snacks, Dairy & Desserts, Meat & Poultry, Sauces, Dressings, Condiments, Fruits & Vegetables, Baby Food), Objectives and Region - Forecast Year 2026

Paul Anka . . . Visits BizZness BuzZ

LogoPaul Anka who is now close to celebrating his 80th Birthday joins us here today Music Legend & Tik Tok Sensation Paul Anka is celebrating his 80th Birthday with the release of “Making Memories” an all new collection of reimagined classics & new recordings on Green Hill Records July 30, 2021.

Railway Wiring Harness Market - Forecast to 2026

LogoRailway Wiring Harness Market by Application(HVAC, Lighting, Traction System, Infotainment), Material, Train (Metro/Monorail, Light Rail, HRS), Component (Wire, Connector), Voltage (High, Low), Cable, Wire length,End Use and Region