Press Releases From 07/01/2022 Until 07/31/2022

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New Research in Drug Combinations Show Efficacy in Treating Diabetes and Obesity

LogoResearch that has been carried out via a collaboration between Canadian and German researchers has found that new drug combinations may be more effective at treating obesity and diabetes than single drugs. They may also be able to replace many of the more invasive options that are often suggested for these conditions, including bariatric surgery. The research has looked at drugs that control incretins, which are metabolic hormones used in the human body to produce and control insulin. As a result of the research, it has become clear that combining the drug not only means that it is likely to be more effective but also that there are fewer side effects for patients to contend with. Some of the patients taking part in the trial achieved up to a 15% weight loss - this is impressive given that in most trials weight loss of just 5% is considered to be meaningful. Further research is recommended to identify why some individuals respond better to the drug than others.

German Pharma Recruitment Activity Up 9.5%

Logo2022 has already been a positive year for pharma recruitment in Germany. The latest figures show a 9.5% rise in IT hiring activity in pharma between February and March this year and indicate that the industry as a whole continues to thrive. The numbers also show that IT hiring continues to take up a large percentage of overall hiring activity, accounting for 4.87% of total hiring activity in March of this year. Roles, such as software and web developers, database and network administrators and analysts, are all in high demand. There are some companies that continue to dominate when it comes to pharma recruitment activity - Bayer, for example, posted 36 IT jobs in March of this year and other companies, such as Merck and CompuGroup Medical SE & Co are also active. In fact, when it comes to IT hiring for the pharmaceutical industry, the top 5 account for more than 66% of activity and growth.

Germany Technology Recruitment Activity Rises 1.8%

LogoHiring in Germany's technology industry continues to thrive, with a rise of 1.8% recorded in March of this year. IT hiring has shown strong progress, as many more organisations seek to get support for the accelerated IT transformations that have been undertaken in many different industries since the start of the pandemic. When it comes to IT jobs there are five roles, in particular, that are especially in demand right now. Software and web developers, for example, take up the largest share of IT recruitment activity, followed by database and network administrators and architects. Miscellaneous computer occupations accounted for just over 8% of overall IT recruitment activity in March and computer and information analysts almost 6%. What's clear from these figures is the German technology recruitment activity remains strong - and is likely to continue to do so. This is being bolstered by a number of top companies that continue to hire, including Deutsche Telekom, SAP and Celonis.

Commerzbank Entry in Crypto Hints at Growing Financial Services Trend

LogoThe crypto market has been growing exponentially over the past year and is increasingly becoming an option for more mainstream financial institutions. Now, Germany's fourth largest bank has confirmed that it is venturing into the territory of digital assets custody and exchange services. Commerzbank is one of many traditional banks in Europe that have recently signaled that it's time for them to make this move. This level of adoption adds to the credibility of crypto currency and demonstrates the steps that conservative banks are now willing to take to ensure their own expansion. Commerzbank has also been working on blockchain projects since 2018. Crypto custody was introduced into the German Banking Act as a new financial service in January 2020 and there is a lot more focus on cracking down on unregulated activity as the infrastructure is created to bring crypto more into the mainstream all over Europe.

Brookfield Investment Management Firm to Open German Office

LogoOpportunities in Europe's industrial powerhouse are attracting more firms to countries like Germany. Brookfield Investment Management, for example, announced in April of this year that it is focused on increasing its European exposure with a new Frankfurt office. The office could open as early as 2022, as the firm is keen to tap into the growth potential in the region and triple the $120 billion of assets it already holds in Europe. With such a strong industrial base, Germany is an obvious target for Brookfield, which is looking at large industrial assets, as well as German manufacturers in areas such as chemicals and precision-machinery. The office in Frankfurt will be the third that the firm has opened in Europe, as it already has two, one in London and one in Madrid. One of Brookfield's London executives will be moving to Frankfurt in order to head up the new office.

Veterinary Equipment and Supplies Market Worth $2.9 Billion by 2027 - Exclusive Report by MarketsandMarkets™

LogoIn September 2019, Integra LifeSciences acquired Rebound Therapeutics Corporation, developers of a single-use medical device known as the Aurora.

Asia Pacific Pharmacy Automation Market Worth $725 Million by 2027 - Exclusive Report by MarketsandMarkets™

Logo- In 2021, Omnicell, Inc. (US) opened a new software development center in Bangalore, India, that will focus on product innovations to deliver cloud-based infrastructures.

NASDAQ:AMZN Investor Alert: Deadline on July 5, 2022 in Lawsuit Against, Inc.

LogoThe Shareholders Foundation announced that a deadline is coming up on July 5, 2022 in the lawsuit filed for certain investors of, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN).

NASDAQ:DWAC Investor Notice: Investigation over Possible Securities Laws Violations by Digital World Acquisition Corp.

LogoAn investigation was announced concerning potential securities laws violations by Digital World Acquisition Corp. in connection with certain financial statements.

NYSE:VRT Long Term Investor Alert: Investigation over Possible Wrongdoing at Vertiv Holdings Co

LogoCertain directors of Vertiv Holdings Co are under investigation concerning potential breaches of fiduciary duties.

NASDAQ:ARQQ Shareholder Notice: Deadline on July 5, 2022 in Lawsuit Against Arqit Quantum Inc.

LogoThe Shareholders Foundation announced that a deadline is coming up on July 5, 2022 in the lawsuit filed for certain investors of Arqit Quantum Inc. (NASDAQ:ARQQ).

Enterprise Mobility Management Market Statistics, Trends and Revenue Forecast 2026

LogoReport classifies the Enterprise Mobility Management Market based on component, organization size, deployment mode, vertical

Multi-Factor Authentication Market Worth $26.7 Billion by 2027

LogoReport to define Multi-Factor Authentication Market by Component, Authentication Type, Model Type, Organization Size, Vertical, and Region

Kroger Logistics and Supply Recruitment Event Targets 23,000 More Workers

LogoCincinnati-based supermarket giant Kroger has been driving a series of recruitment events over the past year. Most recently it has been targeting workers who can support its logistics and supply operations. In June 2021, the business was seeking to add another 10,000 workers and in October last year an additional 20,000. The most recent hiring push, in April 2022, was focused on targeting 23,000 new staff for the business. Kroger hosts hybrid hiring events that are designed to allow it to reach even more people through both virtual and in-person recruitment means. The increase in workforce has become necessary to support the ongoing expansion that Kroger is investing in when it comes to its online grocery service. The partnership with retailer Ocado has played a particularly important role in generating logistics and supply chain jobs at the retailer. Plus, the launch of Kroger delivery in South Florida over the summer will also see another 200 roles that need filling in areas such as logistics and human resources.

Logistics Planning Trends Towards Multi-Storey Warehousing for Urban Core

LogoThe cost of land necessary for industrial development has made expansion difficult for many in recent years. However, multi-storey construction is set to change that, offering a new way to optimize on available land in urban markets. In most densely populated areas there is an ongoing shrinkage happening when it comes to industrial land alongside a key need for businesses to occupy locations that are close to their customer base. The solution is the multi-storey warehouse, something that isn't often seen in the US, but which is becoming increasingly economically justifiable. There are many benefits to integrating this type of construction, not least that it allows for greater use of a single piece of land by building up. Companies that are looking to deliver to customers within tight windows are attracted to this type of development because it can remain within urban areas, offering distribution facilities with close proximity to customers.

Procurement Recruitment One of the Top 5 Trends for 2022

LogoThere are a number of key trends that are dominating procurement for 2022. There is, for example, the ongoing need for businesses to invest more in IT solutions, as well as the fact that transparency in supply chains has become vital. Another key procurement trend for 2022 is putting risk management at the center of operations, especially after the challenges of the past couple of years. However, one of the most important trends for 2022 - and one that stands out among the top 5 - is the focus on procurement recruitment. Skills gaps and talent shortages are a general theme right now and this is especially so in procurement. That's why the industry is prioritizing recruitment this year, as well as looking at diversifying the way that this is managed. Alongside building strong permanent workforces there is an emphasis on the support of contingent workers - 70% of executives anticipate hiring more freelancers and contingent workers in the coming two years.

UK & US Procurement Specialists Merge to Create Rethink Group

LogoTwo players from the world of procurement have joined forces to create the new Rethink Group, expanding reach in both the UK and the US. The first of the two collaborators is Lifecycle Management, an end-to-end provider of contract management services based in Oxford, which focuses on improvements and efficiency through contract and supplier lifecycle. The second is Procura, an award-winning management consultancy that delivers transformation of client procurement functions. The Rethink Group is made up of 80+ professionals across the UK and US and will provide opportunities for both businesses to add depth to their individual offerings. This is likely to include an extension in business lines at Procura, for example, moving from consulting to managed services. Together, the combined forces within the Rethink Group will be able to offer a broader spectrum of options to many more clients across an expanded geographical area.

Predictions for the Future of the Medical Device Cleaning Market

Logo- In February 2021, Getinge entered into a strategic partnership with researchers from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, to undertake customer-centric innovation and sustainability activities.

Momentus Inc. f.k.a. Stable Road Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ:MNTS, Formerly NASDAQ:SRAC) Long Term Investor Notice: Lawsuit Filed to Access Merger Records

LogoAn investor in shares of Momentus Inc. f.k.a. Stable Road Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ:MNTS, formerly NASDAQ:SRAC) filed a lawsuit in effort ot access the books and records concerning the merger from Momentus Inc. to Stable Road Acquisition Corp.

NASDAQ:OM Investor Notice: Investigation Concerning Potential Violations of Securities Laws by Outset Medical, Inc.

LogoAn investigation on was announced over potential securities laws violations by Outset Medical, Inc. in connection with certain financial statements.

Cheese Market Is Likely to Experience a Tremendous Growth in Near Future

LogoCheese Market by Product Type (Cheddar, Mozzarella, Parmesan, American Cheese, and Blue Cheese), Type (Cheese Product and Cheese Powder), Source (Animal and Plant), Nature, Distribution Channel, Application, and by Region - Global Forecast to 2026

Tactical Data Link Market - Forecast to 2027

LogoThe report on the Tactical data link market provides a detailed trend analysis from 2018 to 2027. It discusses industry and technology trends currently prevailing in the market, along with drivers, restraints, challenges, and opportunities that influence the growth of the market.

Supercapacitor Market Size, Share, Trends, Analysis 2027

LogoThe global supercapacitor market size is anticipated to reach USD 912 million by 2027, from USD 472 million in 2022, growing at a CAGR of 14.1% from 2022 to 2027. Rising inclination toward energy conservation solutions and high storage capabilities especially in automotive, energy and consumer electronics applications by industry players are expected to fuel the growth of supercapacitor market.

Packaging End-Use Industry to Dominate Overall Polypropylene Market

LogoThe polypropylene market size is projected to reach USD 99.17 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 5.6% between 2017 and 2022. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer which is used in a variety of applications, and is produced by the combination of the propylene monomer with catalysts. It is majorly used in the packaging industry for consumer products, food containers, cosmetic products, beverages, and others. Polypropylene is also used in the automotive industry to manufacture plastic parts, car bumpers, dashboards, and others. There has been a growing demand for polypropylene since the last few years from applications, such as injection molding, fiber and raffia, film and sheet, blow molding, and others.

Boston Biotech Hub Purchase Starts to Pay off for AstraZeneca

LogoBack in 2021, AstraZeneca bought Alexion Pharma in a $39 billion deal that was something of a landmark in the industry. It was thought that this acquisition would trigger all kinds of antitrust issues, especially in the light of a threatened renewal in antitrust scrutiny, and yet the deal sailed through in April last year. Now, all of the blood, sweat and tears that must have gone into making that deal happen have all proven to be worth it as the purchase of the Boston biotech hub really starts to pay off for AstraZeneca. That's because the first and only long-acting C5 complement inhibitor in gMG, Ultomiris (ravulizumab-cwvz) has gained approval in the US. Due to the purchase of Alexion by AstraZeneca last year that makes AstraZeneca the owner of the approved inhibitor. Following the successful acquisition last year, a new division was set up in the company and it's thought that this has been the driving force behind the approval.