Press Releases From 03/01/2024 Until 03/31/2024

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MyLife365.Me Tackles Rising Fatty Liver Disease in Australia

In a groundbreaking move for the health and wellness industry in Australia, is a comprehensive health-tracking solution for millions. This innovative app is set to transform how Australians approach their health, focusing on combating the rising concern of fatty liver disease, a condition affecting about one in every three Australian adults.

Banking on Success: How Leathwaite Leads the Way in Finance Executive Recruitment

LogoSecuring the right leadership is a fundamental necessity for business success. Leathwaite emerges as a paramount leader in finance executive recruitment, demonstrating a profound understanding of the sector's unique challenges and opportunities. This expertise is not just in identifying talent but in ensuring that the chosen leaders are perfectly aligned with their organisation's strategic goals and cultural ethos.

Leathwaite Connects World-Class Talent with Global Opportunities

LogoIn global business, the demand for visionary leadership that can navigate through complexity and volatility has never been higher. Leathwaite stands at the forefront of this challenge, dedicated to connecting world-class talent with unparalleled global opportunities. Through its specialised focus on executive search and leadership consultancy, Leathwaite is helping to shape the future of leadership teams worldwide.

Leathwaite's Forward-Thinking Approach to Elevating CIOs as CEOs

LogoIn a time when technology complements and drives business strategies, Leathwaite stands at the forefront of a transformative movement. This movement reimagines the traditional pathways to the pinnacle of corporate leadership, advocating for a future where Chief Information Officers (CIOs) emerge as Chief Executive Officers (CEOs). The rationale behind this innovative approach is not just timely but is grounded in the evolving dynamics of the corporate world, where technology infiltrates every aspect of business operations.

Leathwaite Sets the Bar in Elite C-Suite Recruitment

LogoAt the forefront of redefining executive leadership, Leathwaite stands as a pivotal force in the elite C-suite recruitment domain. The firm excels in the art and science of matching transformative, exceptional, and diverse leaders with leading organisations worldwide. Through its commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the strategic nuances of corporate leadership, Leathwaite is shaping the future of boards and executive committees across a multitude of industries.

Houston Managed Service Provider Designs Cybersecurity Compliance Solutions, Offering Proactive IT Management and Tailored IT Roadmaps

LogoAs a premier Houston IT consulting company, AVATAR Managed Services offers a comprehensive range of services to support a business with its information technology needs, ranging from cybersecurity compliance through to a strategy to move away from a data center and beyond. Every company is unique and yet increasingly businesses across multiple business sectors have IT-related themes in common, two of which are dependence on information technology in order to carry out day-to-day operations and the need to protect and safeguard client data from cyberattacks and attempts to steal that data. A proactive IT strategy helps a business budget for the future with step-by-step enhancements to keep the company ahead of cyber threats while simultaneously upgrading infrastructure and harnessing cutting-edge IT tools and programs to automate repetitive tasks and monitoring. As Houston cybersecurity solution providers, AVATAR Managed Services have extensive experience across industry sectors including law firms, manufacturing companies, healthcare facilities, banking institutions, professional services, construction, engineering, energy, transport, and more. The starting point is usually a baseline IT assessment which AVATAR has developed and tuned over time to gauge the overall health of existing infrastructure technology performance and effectiveness. These indicators are quantitative and can be repeated over time to demonstrate the results of change and return on investment. A holistic approach is essential, with staff processes and procedures fully in scope for review and development. At times of stress in particular, after a cyber attack has been detected for instance, AVATAR's Computer Incident Response Team assumes command of the next actions to be taken, mitigating threats and minimizing risk moving forward in terms of cyber security, staff training, and reputation management. With IT operations a critical pillar of many businesses and with the need to have an online presence at all times, AVATARs security operations center operates 24x7x365, covering all business hours, weekends, and holidays. Once the assessment has been translated into a roadmap and plans, the next phase is implementation. Progress can be measured and plans should always be reviewed to ensure the option initially mapped out is still the best, this is because in the rapidly changing landscape of IT, new products may be launched or prices may fluctuate. Following the implementation of improvements and even after gaining cybersecurity compliance, ongoing maintenance and proactive enhancements are a sound investment for the future of the business.