Dave Lulek Seeks Indiegogo Funding to Introduce the World's First Aesthetic Pyrotechnic

Dave Lulek is the creator of M-Series reusable firework, a 416 stainless steel sculpture with a very big boom. Dave is looking to raise $14,700 via Indiegogo for the market launch of M-Series.


Fort Garland, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2015 -- The history of fireworks dates back to the 7th century in China. Dave Lulek feels that there has not been much change in the nature of fireworks over the centuries. He has created M-Series, claimed to be the world's first aesthetic pyrotechnic. Dave informs that M-Series is a sustainably designed ultra-modern firework that has been milled from solid 416 stainless steel.

M-Series reusable firework has a simple design, and the users are only required to fill it with black powder, insert a fuse, and pack the powder down gently with the tamper included in the package. The firework can be cleaned easily after use, and is dishwasher safe. The M-series firework will be available in two sizes: the M58 cracker and the M650 boom.

In addition to offering lots of fun for the users, Dave Lulek believes that this project will bring about a number of positive impacts such as

-One or more decently paying jobs
-A clean, sustainable, small-scale manufacturing
-Future projects constrained only by imagination

Talking about his goal, Dave states, "I'm not looking to be the next bazillionaire or to save the planet. I'm just looking to create a sustainable business and a positive work experience for a few people in this rural area, including myself. Ultimately, I'm taking this entire project off-grid and powering with solar. "

Dave has recently started an Indiegogo campaign to raise necessary funds to bring M-Series reusable firework to the market. His funding target for this campaign is $14,700, and this includes the minimum down payment needed for a dedicated CNC machine and purchasing raw materials for the initial manufacturing run.

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About Dave Lulek
Dave Lulek is a problem solver and inventor. He is a regular guy who has built his own off-grid house high up in the Colorado Rocky Mountains in the middle of nowhere and now he wants to build some cool stuff for other people.