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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announce Prescription Strength hCG Levels Effective in Reducing the Risk of Diabetes While Dieters Lose Weight Fast

Diet Doc’s hCG diet plans address each dieter’s unique cause of weight gain, use powerful hCG levels that increase the speed that they are able to lose weight and even decrease the risk of developing diabetes symptoms.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- It has become fairly well known that people who have become overweight, or obese, are at a greater risk of developing diabetes and other weight-related illnesses. Fortunately, Diet Doc now offers prescription strength hCG levels that not only help dieters lose weight, they may also help to prevent weight-related diseases like diabetes. Dieters across America are eager to find the solution for quick weight loss but many have become frustrated by the negative side effects of dieting that can disrupt even those with the best intentions to lose weight. Diet Doc considered this issue when developing their hCG diet protocol and provide their clients with powerful hCG levels that also work to control cravings while dieters successfully lose weight.

While competitors only use homeopathic hCG levels in their diet treatments and supplements, Diet Doc is dedicated to providing their clients with only the most powerful and safe hCG levels available. Each potential patient will first consult with a specially trained Diet Doc physician to determine whether prescription hCG levels are the best method for them to lose weight. The physician and patient will discuss underlying causes of weight gain, health concerns, such as a diabetes diagnosis, and the patient’s goals for being able to lose weight quickly. If the physician determines that prescription hCG levels are appropriate for helping the dieter lose weight fast, they will be prescribed hCG diet treatments and supplements that will be shipped directly to their home or office.

Diet Doc produces all of their supplements, diet pills and treatments in their own, fully licensed and United States based pharmacies. Where competitors often order their weight loss treatments from overseas, where health standards may be much lower than in the United States, Diet Doc is committed to ensuring that their clients only receive the highest quality of active ingredients within each product. And, so that clients are able to see exactly what is contained in their weight loss treatments, a Certificate of Analysis detailing the components of Diet Doc treatments will accompany each shipment.

Dieters in any part of the nation who are ready to begin their fast weight loss program only need to compete a confidential, online health questionnaire disclosing issues like diabetes symptoms that could be caused by weight gain. After their initial consultation, dieters will work with the entire team of weight management professionals, including physicians, nurses and certified nutritionists, to create a personalized program that will improve the patient’s overall health and decrease the risk of developing weight-related illnesses like diabetes. Certified nutritionists will spend time educating patients on healthy food choices for their personal weight loss and health needs. For instance, dieters struggling with the early symptoms of diabetes may receive suggestions for foods without processed sugars.

Diet Doc’s dedication to improving the weight-related health of their clients, as well as the rapid weight loss results achieved by those participating in these prescription hormone programs, has already helped thousands of dieters quickly lose weight and has made Diet Doc the nation’s leader in medically supervised weight management programs.

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