Ken LeBlanc D.D.S.

Dr. LeBlanc Prescribes Implant Supported Dentures for His Patients


Lafayette, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2015 -- Implants are very encouraging to those who have lost a tooth or a number of teeth. They do not limit the patient in regard to diet or functionality. Dental implants keep the jaw strong and youthful looking. Can we say that about dentures?

Dr. Ken LeBlanc can help his patients who have lost all or some of their teeth on either the top or the bottom or both with implant supported dentures. These patients will enjoy all the attributes of regular implants and they will be better served than other forms of dentistry, like full dentures, partials or fixed bridges. As Dr. LeBlanc is fond of saying about implants, "It's your life, why not enjoy it?"

Any number of implants from two to six can be used to stabilize dentures with the average being four. They are placed where there is the most jawbone, just as though the person was getting regular implants. If there isn't enough jawbone, autogenous bone (grafts taken from the patient's own rib or the iliac crest of the hip) or freeze dried cadaver bone can be used to build up the jawbone to the necessary density.

Denture implants consist of the same material and procedure as regular implants. A titanium screw is placed in the jawbone, but instead of a crown being placed atop the implant, a snap or a clip is secured. The denture receives the other half of the snap and is snapped onto the implant in the jawbone. Stabilization of the denture is the biggest asset to implant supported dentures as it keeps the denture from coming loose, slipping or falling out and greatly increases chewing ability.

Regular dentures are removed and cleaned every day whereas some implant supported dentures are affixed permanently in the mouth and have to be removed by the dentist to be professionally cleaned. Most Implant supported dentures using an o-ring type retentive snap (the most common form of denture attachments) are removed by the patient to clean on a regular daily basis. The Implants are brushed clean with a tooth brush just as anybody would brush their natural teeth. The denture can be cleaned by using a soft tooth brush and/or using commercially available denture cleansers. The cleaned Denture is then "snapped" back into place by the patient.

About Dr. Ken LeBlanc
A proud native of Lafayette, LA, Dr. Ken LeBlanc draws on his 36+ years of dental experience to craft impeccable smiles for his patients. Dr. LeBlanc sees himself not only as a highly trained dentist, but as an artist creating beautiful smiles on the living canvasses of his patient's lives.

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