ecoFINISH Explains How polyFIBRO® and aquaBRIGHT™ Pool Finishes Are NSF/ANSI 61-Compliant


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2020 -- High-quality polyFIBRO® and aquaBRIGHT™ finishes are designed to be one step above other pool finishes. Commercial pool owners who choose ecoFINISH products to resurface their pools are choosing quality that's built to last. polyFIBRO® and aquaBRIGHT™ installations are pain-free as they require no hot start and no trucked water. These exclusive pool finishes offer durability and reliability, as well as color uniformity and chemical resistance. As if all these qualities don't already make polyFIBRO® and aquaBRIGHT™ the best choice for pool resurfacing, these pool finishes are also NSF/ANSI 61-compliant.

To ensure water is safe to drink and cook with, a set of rigorous standards dubbed NSF/ANSI 61 was established in 1988. NSF and ANSI stand for National Sanitation Foundation and American National Standards Institute, respectively. These two organizations conjointly created the NSF/ANSI 61 standards, which are a set of tests that ensure dangerous toxins aren't lurking in the water after treatment has been applied.

polyFIBRO® and aquaBRIGHT™ finishes are designed to comply with these regulations. That means that the high-quality materials that make these pool finishes long-lasting won't slowly leech into the pool water to become dangerous to swimmers and pool loungers. In fact, polyFIBRO® and aquaBRIGHT™ are chemical-resistant; they don't release dangerous chemicals while retaining correct water chemistry for longer periods of time.

Although these finishes are designed for different pool surfaces, they both possess the same amazing qualities. aquaBRIGHT™ installations are best for concrete, gunite, and vinyl pools, whereas polyFIBRO® was created exclusively for fiberglass pools.

More information on polyFIBRO® and aquaBRIGHT™ finishes is available at Pool owners should strongly consider renovating or resurfacing their commercial swimming pools during the off-season. Connect with an ecoFINISH representative at 1-800-704-4167 to schedule an installation.

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ecoFINISH® is a leading, global provider of revolutionary high performance coatings that can be used in both residential and commercial swimming pools as well as industrial applications. Products include their aquaBRIGHT™ and polyFIBRO® pool finishes. ecoFINISH® has now expanded with new products into the industrial industry with ecoDUSTRIAL™ as well as the aquatic surface industry for marine life with aquaticLIFE™. Although the company's headquarters lie in Warminster, PA, they distribute their products to installers and organizations all over the world.

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