ecoFINISH Offers the Ideal Pool Finishes and Solutions for Commercial Pool Projects


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2021 -- ecoFINISH offers various pool recoating product s that can assist installers by keeping their customers' surfaces in the best possible condition. Specifically, ecoFINISH can provide aquaBRIGHT™, a concrete pool coating that is chemically neutral, can conform to a pool's aesthetic, and won't impact the pool's pH balance.

aquaBRIGHT™ is a plastic-based pool coating that is chemically neutral, which means that it is mostly inert while being installed. Most pool coatings require a process known as "hot starting," which essentially means pre-treating the pool with an acid bath to get rid of any calcium on the walls, which will lead to faster deterioration of the coating. While the process does prolong the life of traditional coating products, it also adds time and labor to the job, raising overall costs. By contrast, aquaBRIGHT™ does not create the same issue because the compound will not react to any chemicals on the walls.

In addition to forgoing the need to pre-treat the pool, the aquaBRIGHT™ pool finish enables installers to have their customer's pool match the pool's color to its surrounding aesthetic. Other pool finishes often have additional costs associated with adding color, but because of the way aquaBRIGHT™ is manufactured, it's possible to get the desired color without adding to the cost of the overall project.

Finally, because aquaBRIGHT™ is a chemically neutral pool finish, managing a pool's chemical levels is significantly easier. The reason for this is that aquaBRIGHT™ does not allow chemicals to leach into the water over time, unlike other pool finishes. The absence of this process means fewer variables in managing the pool's chemicals, reducing the time and effort to keep the water safe.

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About ecoFINISH®
ecoFINISH® is a leading, global provider of revolutionary high performance coatings that can be used in both residential and commercial swimming pools as well as industrial applications. Products include their aquaBRIGHT™ and polyFIBRO® pool finishes. ecoFINISH® has now expanded with new products into the industrial industry with ecoDUSTRIAL™ as well as the aquatic surface industry for marine life with aquaticLIFE™. Although the company's headquarters lie in Warminster, PA, they distribute their products to installers and organizations all over the world.

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