ecoFINISH Offers Tips for Helping to Keep Commercial Pools Clean in Latest Blog Post


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/12/2020 -- ecoFINISH, a provider of pool finishes to commercial swimming venues, understands the importance of keeping a business's pool clean. The team has helped many companies provide quality experiences to their patrons and have learned the best ways to make sure a pool continues to look its best. From maintaining pool equipment to ensuring the balance of pool chemicals, pool maintenance is a simple task that can have a positive impact on businesses everywhere.

The first step in any effective maintenance program for commercial pools should be to keep the pool equipment in working order. Performing regular inspections of a pool's filter and pump can help ensure that the pool water remains free of fungi, bacteria, and other pathogens that can make swimmers ill.

Furthermore, a business owner must pay attention to the smaller details of their pool, such as the ladder or any railings, as well as the functional pieces like pool tubing and filtration systems, because pool patrons will regularly interact with these parts of the pool. They play a vital role in the experience and safety of the business, so owners should take care to check for rust and regularly wax and reseal these pool components.

In addition to maintaining the pool's physical structure, pool owners need to check the balance of the pool chemicals. Unlike a private pool, the body of swimmers that use a commercial pool is large and diverse, which means that failing to use the right chemicals and maintaining the proper balance can raise the risk of infections among the pool users. If a business owner does not have the resources to regularly monitor pool chemical levels, they can consider investing in a chemical automation system that can safely manage chemical levels without extensive oversight.

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