Egard Watch Company Leads the Revival of Accessories for Men

LA-based Luxury Watch Designers Share Their Part in Contributing to the Look of the Modern Man


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2016 -- There is more to the resurgence of watches for men than may meet the eyes. Beyond being a mere practical device for telling time, timepieces have taken on an even broader pragmatic function. In an age where efficiency is everything, the immediate statement of wearing a luxury timepiece can mean a lot. For men, it has once again become a way of conveying a deeper kind of message about oneself.

Leading the revival of this movement in many ways, Égard Watch Company has taken on the new era seriously and their large and diverse body of work proves it. Relentlessly bold and unapologetic, the first thing that stands out about the Égard's men's collection is a handsome, robust and fearless style that grabs attention immediately. Égard watches do not demand attention – they command it. They have a confidence that needs no spokesperson or committee to represent it – just a sheer raw look that exudes sophistication and courage all at once in one beautiful masterpiece of a watch.

Just like men's fashion in general is seeing a revival of sorts so are accessories too. The synergy these combined forces create results in a modern man who can send a message almost instantaneously with few words yet is able to effectively speak volumes. It shows a person who is able to adapt to current modes of communication while still maintaining classic and timeless style.

"Égard was forged on the basis of creating a 'tribute' timepiece for my father and grew into a company from there," shared Égard Founder Ilan Srulovicz. "To me, it's no wonder the natural outgrowth of such a gesture only lended itself to building a men's line that reflected so many of the characteristics I appreciate in my father as a man. The strong bond that already existed between us found its way into a more tangible expression – one that I believe is worthy of widespread revival."

With varying styles to fit each man's personalities – from the rustic to the more modern and everything in between – Égard is "the" watch for men in 2016. Visit all styles at

About Égard Watch Company
Based out of Los Angeles and Toronto but loved the world across, Égard Watch Company has forged a name for itself by crafting some of the finest watches available on the planet. It was founded and is still run by father and son duo Peter and Ilan Srulovicz. Built with only the highest quality movements – those produced in Switzerland and Japan – Égard watches cater to those who value time and expression as equally important states. The distinct and luxuriant style the Srulovicz family have developed includes a diverse lineup of timepieces that are at once bold, prestigious, sophisticated, and highly aesthetic – each one in their own unique way. Égard is an unstoppable force in the world of time. Ultimately, they must be seen – and worn – to be believed.