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Epsilon Business Credit Publishes Five C's of Business Loan Decision Making

Epsilon Business Credit offers the best advice on business credit and has published a new insider guide on how lenders decide to give a business a loan.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- Getting a business loan approved can make the difference between a bright future and a cataclysm for many small businesses that are looking to grow in a difficult economic climate. The reason most businesses fail in their application is not because their business cannot succeed, but rather because they have not been able to communicate their business’ ambitions in a way that financial assessors can approve. Epsilon Business Credit has just published a new editorial about the ways in which business loans are approved, so business owners can get the inside track on how to succeed with their applications.

The article, entitled The 5 C’s Of A Business Loan Decision, explains that capacity, capital, conditions, collateral and character all play key roles in determining the success of an application, and that evidence of all these must be clearly laid out in specific ways in order to impress lenders.

The website gives business owners insight into how to properly convey each of these important factors when applying for business loans, and has many other articles on business credit cards, business credit ratings and more. The site aims to offer a comprehensive resource center for all things related to business finance. The blog is regularly updated and features articles, editorials and how-to’s written by business finance experts.

A spokesperson for Epsilon Business Credit explained, “We have created this new guide because we feel it is important for business owners to understand the process through which they are scrutinized, and too often lenders will keep a closed book on the particulars of their evaluative processes, meaning those trying to secure a future for their business are left stabbing in the dark. The article we have created is designed to enlighten people looking to secure business finance on how exactly they can do so, by presenting the most robust possible case covering all the key factors that will affect decision making.”

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