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Excel Body Fitness on a Customized, Holistic Approach to Exercise

North Carolina Gym Works Around its Customers – Not the Other Way Around


Cary, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/14/2016 -- Fitness is no longer a luxury. It is an absolute necessity. People are working longer hours while the percentage of work that is physical in nature has dramatically decreased. Technology and better mass transportation have also fostered a much more sedentary lifestyle in modern Americans of all ages. Young and old are experiencing depression, anxiety and loneliness in untold numbers due in part to the lack of physical activity in group settings they regularly fail to engage in.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though. Slowly, people are waking up to the reality of the situation and looking for ways to take back their health. However, with the increasing challenges posed by today's world, there are fewer and fewer viable options to make fitness a part of daily life. Some companies, however, are doing their genuine part to help in this nationwide movement. One such business is Excel Body Fitness (XBF). XBF truly believes in the importance of fitness as a sustainable long term practice that improves both the mind and the body.

"At XBF, we are all about making fitness accessible," shared co-founder and -owner Pantea Dougani. "Too many gyms aren't conducive to the broad range of lifestyles that exist out there. It is essential to take into account busy parents, people who work extremely long hours, folks who don't live down the street from a gym – the list goes on. Their health matters just as much as the next person and we've been about helping people from all walks from day one and continually strive to set the standard for fitness that works around each and every lifestyle out there."

The importance of physical activity in dealing with heart disease, strokes, blood pressure, and cholesterol (to name a few) and in increasing attentiveness and productivity is indisputable and needs to be addressed without excluding people on a seemingly arbitrary basis. Whether it be through their corporate fitness programs that visit employees onsite and lead to increased productivity, creativity and teambuilding in the workplace; their inhouse care services for children (and fitness programs as well) that allow hardworking parents to stay in shape; or nutritional programs that are an equally important aspect of health, XBF is built on the idea that fitness is an inseparable part of the well-being of not only the individual but of the community of which that individual is a part of and that each member of that community is composed of people who have a huge variety of needs.

Excel Body Fitness is a place for everyone! To learn more about Excel Body Fitness, visit www.excelbodyfitness.com.

About Excel Body Fitness
Excel Body Fitness (XBF) began in 2010 as a quest for the best fitness regime possible: the most-effective muscle-confusing workouts, the most challenging body sculpting classes, the most intense high-energy programs, and the best fat-burning martial art style cardio-kick boxing workouts. They offer personal training in a group setting, spin classes, kickboxing, zumba, bootcamp classes, personal training, nutritional guidance, and more! One of the Triangle's most sought-after fitness programs, Excel was designed with one thing in mind: client success. Excel Body Fitness focuses its regime on what matters most – providing fitness classes, dedicated hands-on instruction, nutritional guidance and one-on-one mentoring that enable clients to accomplish their health and fitness goals. The end result is highly effective fitness program that empowers clients to look, feel, and live better. They provide fitness for corporations as well.