Experts Talk Electronic Cigarettes

Leading experts from around the world talk electronic cigarettes and there benefits in a nice simple video intended to help people make an educated decision about whether or not they will make the switch to an e-cig


Amsterdam, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 -- Mark O'Connell with Magnum Online Marketing releases new video about the latest opinion among leading experts about electronic cigarettes.

"I made this video as I thought that there was a lot of bad publicity about electronic cigarettes and wanted to air the other side of opinion to make it a fair argument" says Mark O'Connell, a freelance writer and video producer based out of Amsterdam.

"I myself have used electronic cigarettes and have found them very useful in the battle to qive up smoking, I am not saying these devices are completely safe nor healthy but eliminating tar from your lungs is definitely a great way to start". There are now many ex users who have came forward who used e-cigs to totally quit smoking for good, even quit vaping as with electronic cigarettes you can reduce the nicotine intake and gradually lower it without effecting taste and fullness.

The main message that come from electronic cigarette users is that they have dramatically improved their health;

In an interview with USA today, Newton, 63 says he was a chain smoker for 51 years despite repeated efforts to quit. On Aug. 16 last year, when he started using the electronic device, he took his last smoke from a real cigarette.

"My brain thinks it's still smoking," he says, referring to the nicotine effect he gets from ecigarettes. "But my smokers' cough is gone. I feel a lot better."

There does need to be tighter regulation on these devices but the benefits that real users are reporting can not be ignored as regular cigarettes cause a lot of damage and most quit smoking methods just don't seem to work for many people so it's of great benefit to explore every possibility thoroughly.

ā€œIā€™m not saying that e-cigarettes are safe, but those who have exaggerated the health/safety risks of e-cigarettes in an attempt to scare the public are far greater threats to public health than e-cigarettes.ā€ says Bill Godshall of Smoke-Free Pennsylvania and there are many experts and doctors who are in support of these devices as an effective way for people to kick the habit.

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