Offers $50K-$250K Funding to Independent Film Producers

Michael Praver, founder of JW Harding in Los Angeles, has launched to provide filmmakers with access to funding for film develpment, packaging, pre-production, finishing funds, marketing costs, etc.


Century City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2015 -- Michael Praver, founder of the funding consulting company JW Harding, has been funding start up businesses and small businesses all over the United States for the last 8 1/2 years. He has recently launched specifically to meet the needs of filmmakers.

Michael Praver says, "We've funded 19 film production companies so far, giving them the money they need to pay for developing budgets, paying bonds, packaging talent, working with lawyers, etc. We've also helped companies who used the funding for finishing funds, marketing costs, pre-production, and to cover unexpected production costs." brings business credit to the film industry. They can provide $50K to $250K in funding to filmmakers working to produce films, documentaries, web series, pilots, and other media.

Michael Praver says "Smaller projects, like documentaries and web series, can often be produced for under $250K. For larger projects our financing provides the money filmmakers need to put a profitable film project together or to get a stalled project to market."

Ray Ellingsen of Moving Pictures Media Group says, "FilmFundingLA solves the key financial problem most indie filmmakers face today, which is how to fund development and packaging for their project. Producers need financial resources to vet their script, attach key talent and crew, develop real-world budgets, create financial forecasts, and establish a corporate structure. All these things are required before filmmakers can work with investors, states offering rebates, and gap funders to acquire full funding and ensure a successful release. Producing a film is running a business. FilmFundingLA gives independent film producers the access to business finance they need to produce a profitable movie."

Aaron Moore, a client that's worked with JW Harding since 2012 says, "I originally started working with Michael Praver to build business credit for my company three years ago. I've connected him to other people who need business finance help and they've always been happy. He always returns phone calls, he's very personable, and he's got a lot of great solutions. Michael can help you transition from program to another to grow your access to capital. He's just great to work with." Aaron Moore

About Jon Peterson
Jon Peterson, a seasoned business executive and founder of a New York construction business says, "I've run a successful company for many years, handling the vast majority of my expenses and investments out of pocket. I am now actively launching new businesses in a different industry and I've been working with Michael Praver to establish credit lines to support those operations. The credit building process has been very swift and smooth. We've just followed Michael's advice to the letter." Jon Peterson

Filmmakers seeking funding should visit or call (310) 310-8614 for complete details.

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