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First Collect International Is the Leading Source for Debt Recovery in Italy

First Collect International, the top global overdue account collection company, offers legal, ethical and economical recovery solutions in Italy with a ‘No Result, No Fee service’ guarantee. 


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2021 -- First Collect International (FCI) is associated with streamlined, professional overdue account collection solutions. The London based company is comfortable working on multiple accounts simultaneously across 130 countries through a network of partners and associates. The focus is on reducing the client's debtor days significantly through ethical and legal means. FCI prefers applying Directive 2000/35/EC of the European Parliament to ensure the debtor contributes to the collection costs and interest at 7 points exceeding the rate specified by ECB. That typically translates to international collections at an actual price to the client of a few percentage points.

The spokesperson at First Collect International recently stated, "FCI has been around for over four decades, serving the world's leading corporations, credit insurance companies, international debt collection services providers, law firms, debt purchasers, utilities, accountancy firms, and more. We have handled upwards of 79,000 claims worth $700,000,000 with 300% higher collection rates than the competition. Per an ACA study, FCI's average collections were at $1.5 Million per collector, while the industry average languished at $497000. Also, we are recommended by Berne Union Members, and an active member of CSA, ACA, LIC and IACC."

FCI is led by ex-credit managers of the world's leading corporations, including Hertz Car Rental, Exxon Mobil Oil Company, Conoco Oil Company, Europcar Mobility and more. The company has expanded its execution capabilities to 130 financial markets worldwide, including the UK, Africa, France, South America, Germany, Italy, Holland, Russia, and Spain. Over the years, FCI's service portfolio, too, couldn't stay immune to expansion. Besides Sovereign Debt Recovery & Purchase, the company also delivers specialist services, such as Asset Disposal, and Dispute Resolution, International Credit Reporting and Terms & Conditions Review, and more. 

On debt recovery in Italy, the spokesperson further stated, "As the top debt collection company in Italy, FCI has set precedents in service delivery. We do whatever it takes for quick, efficient and economic collections in line with the Italian and international laws and ethical standards. Our methods are hands-on, tailored to each client and each situation. We have put together a team of local lawyers, agents and other professionals in Italy. They are intimate with the local language, financial markets, and legal and compliance requirements. That shows up in the results we have been producing, day in and day out for the past forty years." 

FCI initiates the recovery process immediately upon receiving the debtor's details, such as full name and address, contact numbers, email ID, overdue amount and more. The debtor is approached through registered mails, phone and in-person. If it all goes in vain, FCI can initiate legal proceedings through a team of lawyers on its payroll. The company backs each account with a 'No Result, No Fee service' guarantee. Depending on the age, size and location of debt, the fee is competitive. For volume collections, FCI charges as low as 3%. 

About First Collect International
First Collect International is the leading debt collection company with over four decades of experience and a terrific track record. The company's expertise includes international tracing, credit reporting, terms and conditions review, sovereign debt recovery and purchase, asset disposal and dispute resolution. Presently, FCI is the only stop needed for businesses seeking a debt recovery agency in Italy
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