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Fluorescent Materials Market to Significant Growth Foreseen by 2025

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/16/2017 -- Fluorescent materials market has witnessed significant growth in the past decade, and is expected to exhibit exponential growth over the forecast period. Fluorescence is the emission of light from materials that has absorbed light from a light source or through electromagnetic radiation. Fluorescent materials are used in numerous applications as it exhibits the properties of longer wavelength with lower energy. Fluorescent materials find its application mainly in electric bulb industry, as fluorescent coating for electrical bulbs aid the illumination of light based on electric discharge through gases such as mercury, neon and argon. The reflection desists as soon as the lighting source is removed.

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Fluorescent materials emit wide range of fluorescent colours and are used in inks or mixed with moulding or casting materials, paints, stickers for different applications, etc. Fluorescent materials can release the absorbed electromagnetic radiations in the desired wavelength. Fluorescent pigments in daylight usually exhibit white or light colours. Fluorescent materials are widely used in printing inks, which are defined by high brilliance when the light is viewed under the ultraviolet light source. The luminescence of fluorescent materials are different from that obtained from natural bio-luminescence such as fish, insects and bacteria among others.

Fluorescent materials are used for painting in construction industry and automobile industry, which is expected to drive the fluorescent materials market in developing countries. Owing to the recurrent innovations in this field, new phosphors for white LED application will bolster the utilization of this alternative light sources. Fluorescent materials are used in manufacturing of electronics equipment, especially for the display panels, owing its property of emitting different colours in desired wavelength and are also used in LED applications. Fluorescent powder used in Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) and Surface-Conduction Electron-Emitter Display (SED) are claimed to be environment-friendly and cost efficient. Laser Phosphor Displays (LPD) is another large format display technology similar to CRT, where fluorescent materials are used.

Fluorescent materials are widely used in mild solvent systems and water-based systems. Also, fluorescent materials have wide scope in applications such as aerosol coating, paints, textile fields, solvent based paper coating, solvent based silk screen ink and water based solvents among others. Scope of fluorescent materials are not limited to these, but include agriculture, biochemistry, medical and so on. Fluorescent materials are used as a marker, since it helps in tracking molecules at sub-cellular level. Owing to the characteristics such as improved resistance to heat, plasticizers, high pressure resistance and polar solvency, fluorescent materials are highly demanded.

North America is expected be a relatively large consumer of fluorescent materials over the forecast period, owing to the continuing developments in automobile, construction, electronics, medical industry and so on. In countries such as Mexico, Canada and the U.S., consumer demand is relatively high. Europe follows North America in terms of consumption and market growth is expected to increase exponentially over the forecast period.

Global Fluorescent Materials Market: Segmentation

Fluorescent material market is segmented as follows,

By product type

LED Bulbs

By application type

Semiconductors and life science
Painting & Ink Jet
Laser and Printing

By industry type


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Global Fluorescent Materials Market: Key Trends and Drivers

Increasing construction and infrastructure development in developing countries drives the global fluorescent materials market to a great extent. The usage of fluorescent materials in medical X-ray equipment and the growth of automobile industry propels the market growth. Application in LED appliances in electronics industry is one of the most popular trends existing. The relatively cheap cost of bulbs and high energy saving bolsters the usage of fluorescent materials.

Global Fluorescent Materials Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants identified across the value chain include Seiko Epson Corporation, DayGlo, Brilliant Fluorescent, Lumino Chem, Solar Color Dust, Radiant Color, Seoul Semiconductor Co. Ltd, Osram Licht AG and Royal Philips Electronics N.V, among others.