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From Collection Plate to Credit Card: Modern Giver Makes Giving Quick and Easy


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- Not an app and much more than the average website, Modern Giver is, quite simply, the newest way to support religious and charitable organizations via the mobile web. Requiring no downloading and 100 percent free for religious organizations, charities and supporters to join, Modern Giver allows individuals to easily browse giving events and/or donate to organizations in their area, all from the convenience of their mobile device.

To support an organization, givers simply visit on their phone’s Internet browser. From there, the site will locate organizations and giving events near the user’s current location. The giver then selects the organization, the giving event they want to support, and finally enters their credit card information for donation – it’s that easy.

“With 91.4 million smartphones in the United States alone, we believe Modern Giver offers a new level of convenience and ease that will greatly increase individuals’ likeliness of giving back to charitable organizations,” says founder and CEO Jon Taggart.

As for organizations, Modern Giver offers virtually everything they need to further their missions. The site provides a complete back office with real-time, full reporting of all transactions made, easy creation of location-based giving events with financial goals and free downloadable resources.

If that isn’t enough, Modern Giver is also 100 percent free to join and offers the most transparent fees in the industry. While other sites charge anywhere from 2-8 percent per transaction, plus additional processing and merchant account fees, Modern Giver removes the fine print with a flat transaction fee of only 5 percent, which covers all processing and maintenance.

“Modern Giver is like putting a credit card terminal in every one of your supporters’ hands,” says Taggart.” Striving for simplicity, I ditched the hidden fees and complex downloads and instead, resolved to create an accessible outlet that makes it easy for organizations to join and track their process, while also placing fast donation at the givers’ fingertips (literally).”

Modern Giver’s organizations will never have to decipher a complex statement, because they know what they are charged in advance. With easy access to tons of organizations in their area, giving has never been so simple.

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