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Tallahassee, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2020 -- NFC Academy is a school that offers accredited homeschool programs from a Biblical worldview. They provide a Bible-based curriculum from kindergarten through high school. A print curriculum is provided in Kindergarten through grade 5, , while online classes are available from grade 3 through 12. Families with students in grades 3, 4, and 5 have the option of using the totally online program or staying with the print curriculum. The school has been accredited by COGNIA (formerly AdvancED), the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and School, and the Middle States Association of Colleges and School which verify the institution meets the highest nationally recognized educational standards. Hence, parents can be assured their students willeceive a quality-backed homeschool education.
"We provide our homeschool services in the United States and around the world. It does not matter where our students are located; if they have access to high-speed internet, they can still access our online rogram. ." The school spokesperson said, "All international students need to be fluent in English to managetheir lessons and to complete their studies at our academy. And in case parents have any questions, they can talk to our admission specialist, who enjoy assisting parents with tehir questions. Our goal is to help all students in achieving the best in education."
As stated earlier, the institution offers the 1st grade's homeschool curriculum as a printed program. The accredited curriculum uses the Christian homeschool LIFEPAC program for Language Arts, Math, Bible, History, and Science. The LIFEPAC program is set to involve the students in activities to help them understand what they are learning quickly. The materials are brightly illustrated and include hands-on activities and engaging workbooks. 
Giving an insight into the school's library, one of the teachers stated. "Our goal is to provide our students with the best homeschool education they can receive. Hence, we provide our learners with access to websites where they can do their research for assignments or read more on their class topics. As learners do research and explore more in assigned areas, they will develop their critical thinking and writing skills - two essential needs in any form of education."
Every parent wants the best education for their children. Therefore, if they are considering homeschool, they will have to pick the best available school. NFC Academy is among the top accredited home schools in the United States. The school provides families with the best online homeschool programs. Over the past years, parents have reviewed the academy to be the best online homeschool institute.
About NFC Academy
NFC Academy is an institution that offers accredited homeschool programs to students. The school nurtures a student's moral behavior while providing them with the best form of education. Furthermore, they offer a tuition discount to full-time missionary families, full-time ministry families, families with multiple children enrolled, military families, and first responders, including police, firefighters and paramedics.