Get Kaizened, Inc. (GKI)

Get Kaizened Incorporation Provides Training Solutions That Improves Productivity of a Company

Get Kaizened Incorporation provides business consultation to reduce company’s resources and improve productivity.


San Ramon, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2013 -- The business and productivity of an organization directly or indirectly depends upon the management of its resources. Get Kaizened, Inc. (GKI) is a consultant company that provides services and solutions to this ultimate requirement of all organizations. GKI primarily focuses on identification and elimination of waste of any kind. The waste could be inadequate system, technology, human resources or all. The identification of the gaps, inadequacy and loopholes leads to the formulation of a corrective plan for the shortcomings. Besides, a suitable strategy is also formulated to maintain the improvement and avoid recurrence of the same issue ever again.

Human and technology resources are the most crucial investment for an enterprise. While the technology is updated almost every year nowadays, team members need to be trained to be flexible and adaptive to maintain the required pace of growth for the enterprise they work for. To achieve this, GKI has formulated consultation service based on 3-S, i.e., See, Solve and Sustain. The strategy is quite descriptive in its name alone and aptly represents the services of Get Kaizened, Inc. (GKI). Identification of waste of any form, appropriate resolution to the issue and suitable strategy for the sustenance of rectification are the elaborate meanings of the 3-S respectively.

As said, human resource plays a vital role in the productivity of an enterprise. So, Get Kaizened, Inc. (GKI) provides training and development programmes in various packages for continuous incremental improvement. GKI has training packages on ‘Business Skills’, ‘Computer Skills’, ‘Leadership & Management Skills’ and ‘Lean Production Principles’. These training programmes emphasize business management skills, educate about the identification and reduction of waste, provide technical knowledge, etc. In short, together, the 4 programmes have the elements that are beneficial for entry level staffs to strategists and non-technical personnel to technical teams. Thus, one consultancy offers solution to all the levels of workforce of an enterprise.

Self-sufficiency of an enterprise is very crucial for its growth. The company that relies less on consultation is a better managed firm than those with higher reliance. Consultation and training services Get Kaizened, Inc. (GKI) appreciates this fact and provides sustainable solutions so that its clients become self-sufficient to certain extent. It is not necessarily a life-long continuous consultation.


About Get Kaizened, Incorporation
Get Kaizened, Inc. (GKI) is a consulting and training firm that is based in Northern California. It provides consultation services for the identification of resource wastage to the client and suitable solution for the same subsequently. The provision of GKI is sustainable so the client can function independently to the maximum possible extent. Clients and affiliates of GKI include Boeing, Stanford University, Toyota Boshoku and the likes. GKI can be contacted through the online form at its website. Email, fax and telephone information can be used to communicate exclusively with the professionals of the company.

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