Gianni Zilio, CTO of Vocalap, Launches Kickstarter Project for New Virtual Receptionist Technology PpBoX

PpBoX (Personal Phone Box) Handles Inbound Phone Calls Intelligently, Talking to Callers with Natural Language Making Call Handling Better than Ever.


Bassano del Grappa, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- PpBoX is a virtual receptionist - an automated application - that can answer calls on any home or office landline and intelligently determine the caller’s intention (unwelcomed sales call, genuine caller such as a customer or a colleague, etc.) and direct the call to the right person from a user-specific list. PpBoX will announce the caller and confirm availability before transferring where it needs to go. If the call recipient is already on the phone or declines to take the call for any reason, the caller goes to voicemail and an alert is sent to the intended recipient.

The PpBoX has a place in every home: think for example when nobody is home or if an intelligent call screening is needed to avoid unwanted calls while an important call is expected. It understands who the caller wants to talk to and forwards the call to the family member requested either to a VOIP account like Skype or Google Voice or directly to the individual’s cell phone.

Similarly, PpBoX belongs in every office. That’s because the PpBoX understands first and last names as well as departments and titles. The call is then forwarded to the person requested with the highest level of professionalism. The days of all phones in an office ringing at the same time are over. PpBoX saves time and cuts costs by getting the right call to the right person every time.

In cases where the caller doesn’t know who to ask for or if the PpBoX can’t understand the caller due to heavy accents, extensive use of unfamiliar slang terms, etc. it will transfer the call to a pre-assigned default caller after the second failure to ensure that not a single call is missed or otherwise handled improperly.

Key features of PpBoX include:

- Assisted call transfer: the caller is announced letting the recipient decide if they want to accept the call or let it go to voicemail. You decide if you want to answer or not.
- Natural Language: PpBoX understands the human language and carries on a real conversation with the caller.
- Name disambiguation: Caller: “Is Mr. Smith available?” PpBoX” Would you like to speak to Mr. Smith Jr or Mr. Smith Sr?”
- Voicemail: Instant alerts about voicemail via email or via the Mobile Personal App.
- Custom messaging for initial caller greeting.
- Smart filter for unsolicited calls including a personal black list of specific unwanted callers.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on October 8, 2014.

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