Joe Bragg Offers Luxurious Glass Fencing to Residents of Perth, Western Australia


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2013 -- The right fence can completely change the appearance of a backyard. Today, many Perth residents and pool owners are choosing to install glass fencing around their outdoor pools and patio areas. Glass fencing is an excellent way to protect a pool area from unauthorized access by children and pets while maintaining a beautiful, open-looking backyard.

Glass100 continues to offer luxurious glass fencing to residents of Perth, Western Australia. At, visitors can learn about the diverse range of glass services available through Glass 100, including glass fencing, mirrors, shower screens, pet doors, and coloured splashbacks or countertops for the kitchen.

As winter turns into summer, more and more Perth residents are choosing to install glass fencing around their outdoor pool areas. Glass fencing can protect an outdoor patio from pool splashes while also providing a practical - and aesthetically pleasing - way to protect kids and pets from falling into a pool unsupervised.

As a spokesperson for Glass 100 explains, there are two types of glass pool fencing available:

“We offer customers two general types of pool fencing: semi-frameless pool fencing and frameless pool fencing. Semi-frameless pool fences are long-lasting and low maintenance. We can also add options like balustrades, custom tops, and a number of other attractive features. Our frameless pool fences, on the other hand, come in four different styles and offer an attractive, minimalistic look that is easy for any pool owner to appreciate.”

At, visitors can view a photo gallery of pool fencing options currently available. The website also features a gallery of all other glazing and glass design services offered by Glass 100. In addition to pool fencing and home glass designs, Glass 100 offers domestic glazing, commercial glazing, glass filming, and more.

From, visitors can also connect with the company’s YouTube page to learn how to maximize the use of their new glass products:

“We’ve uploaded several glass product videos to our YouTube page, including three videos which teach our customers how to train their dog to use a glass dog door. The glass pet doors are surprisingly high-tech, and dogs must be wearing a special chip on their collar in order for the glass door to open. The doors are suitable for both dogs and cats, and we’re always happy to see dog owners enjoying our products.

About is an Australian glass design company based in Perth, Western Australia. The company offers glass pool fencing and a diverse range of other glass designs for the home. For more information, please visit: