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Guar Gum Market 2027: Challenges, Production Cost Analysis with Top Manufacture, Share, Size, Global Investment Opportunities


seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2020 -- Guar gum also known as gellan gum is a natural polymer that is extracted from the guar seed. It is a powdered product, which is used for stabilizing, emulsifying, and thickening the texture of certain foods and industrial products. Guar gum has property to attain high viscosity in low concentrations due to non-toxic in nature, low calories, and high fibers. Due to these properties, it finds application as additive in foods and beverages such as bottled coconut and almond milk, yogurts, soups, and fiber supplements. There are numerous other application of guar gum, which include body lotions and DIY beauty recipes. The food industry accounts for 70% revenue share in guar gum market. Moreover, its colloidal nature and emulsifying property make it ideal thickening agent. However, fluctuating oil price, oversupply and gradual emergence of superior alternatives are some of the factors that are expected to restrain growth of the market.

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Guar Gum Market Taxonomy

On the basis of grade:
- Food Grade
- Industrial Grade
- Pharmacy Grade
- Others

On the basis of application:
- Thickening Agent
- Emulsifier
- Stabilizer
- Gelling Agent
- Bonding Agent
- Fracturing Agent
- Flocculent
- Preservation Agent
- Water Retention
- Others

On the basis of end-use industries:
- Food & Beverages
- Textile
- Pharmaceutical
- Mining & Explosives
- Oil and Gas
- Cosmetic
- Defense
- Paper
- Others

Food industry is a major end user of guar gum, owing to its properties such as stabilizer, thickener, and emulsifier. It is used as a stabilizer in the food industry for stabilizing ice-creams, instant puddings, cheeses, and whipped cream substitutes, and also used as a meat binder. It is also suitable for use in painting, printing, fire control, dyeing, and textiles. These factors are expected to drive growth of market. However, health risk associated with addition of guar gum in processed foods such as digestion issues and gut reactions are expected to hamper growth of the market.

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Guar Gum Market Outlook

- Asia Pacific accounts for smaller market share for guar gum consumption. However, it is a major raw material source for guar seeds. 80% of the world's guar is produced from India in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Haryana. Currently, guar gum is used in the food, textile, and pharmaceutical industries in the Asia Pacific region.

- North America and Europe are the largest markets for guar gum powder due to application in the food industry as an additive and oil industry as a fracturing agent. Hence, increasing drilling activities in the U.S. shale industry has increased the demand for guar gum, thus expected to drive the market growth over the forecast period.
- Africa is a small player in this market and is not expected to experience much growth over the forecast period.

- Latin America is expected to witness significant growth in the guar gum market. The productivity of processed foods such as cheese, sausages, soups and animal feed preparations is expected to fuel demand and adoption of guar gum.

Key Developments:

- In March 2019, VIKAS WSP Ltd, a leading manufacturer guar gum powder received approval for export of their DP guar gum products for utilization in fertilizer stabilizing applications.

- In December 2016, Ingredion Incorporated, a global leader in providing ingredient solutions acquired all the outstanding shares of TIC Gums Incorporated. TIC Gums is a U.S.-based company providing advanced texture systems for the F&B industry. TIC Gums had the right to use variety of agriculturally derived ingredients, such as guar gum, and acacia. These natural ingredients forms the foundation for innovative solutions while allowing clean-label reformulation.

- In September 2014, a member of the World Bank Group - IFC (International Finance Corporation), had invested $27.5 million in Lucid Colloids, India-based guar gum producer. This investment had supported the company's expansion plans for setting up two guar splitting plants in Rajasthan, a R&D facility, and a guar gum plant in Gujarat.

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Propel SSP, manufactured by Fairmount Santrol Company, based in the U.S., is an alternative to guar gum proppant, which is cheaper and technically superior alternative. Though, currently in research and trial stage, Propel SSP market is expected to grow due to the successful trials in Marcellus and Utica shale, which is expected to hinder growth of market. Major players operating in the Guar Gum Market include Penford Corp., TIC Gums, Inc., Lucid Group, Vikas WSP Limited, and Ashland Inc.