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Hartford Universal Group Launches Two New Non Lethal Grenade Products

Hartford Universal Group has created two new hand grenades designed to offer non-lethal alternatives to police and special units, with a flashbang and rubber shrapnel grenade.


Sofia, Bulgaria -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2015 -- Grenades are often thought of as hand operated bombs, with explosive force that projects hard shrapnel in a destructive range that will aim and kill those caught in the blast. However, Hartford Universal Group has looked at the non-lethal alternatives for grenades that can create significant pacification effects without the need of lethal force. This has resulted in two new products being brought to market- a flash bang and a rubber grenade that will offer police and Special Forces more options for non-lethal solutions to complex challenges.

The GH-RS is a rubber ball grenade designed to create the maximum noise possible, together with ejecting 18 soft rubber balls that will distract the aimed individuals. Used like any other grenade, there is no fire and the deceleration ensures safe use. The product is ideal for police and special units to accomplish ordinary complex strategic aims with minimal force.

The GH-FB is a more traditional flash bang grenade, which combines the loudest percussive explosion with burning candela to temporarily blind and disorientate individuals within the effective blast radius. This non-lethal approach is ideal for hostage and anti-terrorist operations in which individuals must be kept alive, while stunning them for easier compliance.

A spokesperson for Hartford Universal Group explained, "We have created these items in order to offer units a greater degree of versatility. Grenades are an excellent tool for these units as they can be deposited into the space without the team putting themselves at risk, and with these new non-lethal options can confuse and debilitate opponents without the risk of killing them, which is especially important in the case of hostage situations, high value targets and other situations. These items come in packages of forty, so a single order can equip teams for any situation."

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