Announces Free Authority Resources on Skin Conditions and Care

Offering free information to both those suffering from skin conditions and those looking to prevent them, is making its dominant mark on the healthcare industry.


Minooka, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2012 -- According to statistics, one hundred million Americans suffer from skin disorders and more than nine million Americans elect some form of nonsurgical or surgical cosmetic procedure each year. With reliable and up-to-date information difficult to obtain in an easy to understand format, one free website is providing a saving grace to those who want to know the best ways to care for their skin, learn about the most common skin conditions and understand the latest trends and options for maintaining healthy skin and a youthful look. is quickly making its mark as an authority website for current and reliable information on skin conditions and skin care.

The website is co-owned by Karen Poirier, Editor-in-Chief, author and contributor to industry magazines; and Diane Heinz, a licensed Paramedical Esthetician, educator, salon owner, and Founder and Creator of Proprietary Skin Care Products – a visionary in the skincare industry.

“Our goal is educate and help those suffering from all types of skin conditions such as Acne, Eczema, or Melasma. It is vitally important for people to understand their condition and learn what treatment options are available,” explains Heinz.

She continues, “We are a resource to those with skin problems as well as those seeking to avoid skin problems, maintain healthy skin and learn about new and emerging trends in the skincare industry.”

As the subject of skincare is vast, the team at has worked diligently keep the site’s information organized in an intuitive way. Therefore, articles are broken down into six sections.

These are Skin Conditions, Skin Treatments, Home Remedies (including home remedies for Acne), Healthy Skin on a Budget, New Trends in Skin Care and even a section on Product Reviews.

Thousands of people are flocking to the site each day to discover the exciting free resources that are on offer. For example, the site has recently garnered much attention for their latest infographic, “Things That Can Affect the Skin.”

This exciting visual resource offers readers an all-in-one glimpse of a myriad of factors that can severely damage the skin and risk its continued health. Placing a focus on external factors including sun damage and occupational hazards, as well as internal factors such as stress and hormones, the infographic is helping people around the world learn more about how to protect their body’s largest integumentary organ.

“Apart from any inherited factors that determine what type of skin you have, there are many factors that affect the way your skin looks and feels. Knowing what these factors are and how they affect the skin is important if your goal is to keep your skin looking and feeling its best for as long as possible,” Heinz adds.

The site’s team is updating and adding new information to the website on a weekly basis. Therefore, users are urged to check back frequently to keep on top of the latest research and developments from the skincare industry.

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About Diane Heinz
Diane’s practice is dedicated to educating skin and cosmetics professionals about new and emerging trends in skincare, and to delivering effective treatments to those with a variety of skin conditions, as well as those seeking to maintain healthy skin or address the sign of aging.

Diane’s unique blend of education and certification in the field of cosmetology, dermatology, and chemistry, afford her the ability to provide clients and other industry professionals with an holistic approach to achieving and maintaining healthy skin.

As a successful entrepreneur and a contributing author to Dermascope Magazine on the subject of skin care products and procedures, Diane is on the cutting edge of new treatments, technologies and science in the field of skin care.