HealthyWiser Tips: Taking Care of Christmas Poinsettias Well


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2017 -- A website sponsored by the Michigan State University Extension provided tips on how poinsettia growers can take care of their plants in Christmas.

"Poinsettias are traditional Christmas flowering plants that will last throughout the Christmas season. Some people try to reflower the plants again the next year," the website stated.

The first tip is about selecting the Christmas poinsettia plant. Experts from the website suggested that the best plants "should have dark green foliage." This reportedly can ensure that they are not damaged and they are fertilized well.

"Little or no pollen should be showing on the actual flowers – those red or green button-like parts in the center of the colorful bracts," the website added.

It is also advised that the poinsettia should be placed nearby windows that can admit light, or other well-lighted spaces. These are tropical plants grown between fixed temperatures either in homes or green houses.

"Poinsettias do not tolerate warm or cold drafts so keep them away from radiators, air registers, and fans as well as open windows or doors. Place your poinsettia in a cooler room at night (55 to 60 degrees F is ideal) to extend the blooming time," the website noted.

To provide moisture for the soil, growers are advised to water the soil enough to the bottom of the pot and take away excess water.

"If you don't water enough, the plant will wilt mid the lower leaves will drop. If you water too much the lower leaves will yellow and then drop. If you keep your plant for several months, apply a soluble houseplant fertilizer, once or twice a month according to the manufacturers' recommendations," the website added.

How HealthyWiser's soil moisture meter can help

The HealthyWiser soil moisture meter measures the soil in three different ways – through moisture, light and pH levels. Knowing about the soil in these parameters ensures more beautiful poinsettias.

"But when we lost another Yuletide Camellia this year (with another one only a few feet away that's very happy and healthy), we decided there must be something wrong with the soil in that one spot. So we purchased this 3-way soil meter. And I'm so glad we did! We added a nice dose of peat moss to the hole and planted the new Camellia. Now we just have to wait for it to take root and grow!" the customer wrote about the soil condition meter.

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