HGH10 Discusses if HGH Supplements May Be Key to Beating the HGH Sports Ban


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- Controversy over performance enhancing substances in sports is big news. Little wonder, since there are big bucks riding on athletic performance in both professional and world class amateur competition. This is an arena where the competitive edge can mean the difference between having or losing a career. For more on the edge that HGH for instance might give a user over a non user visit http://www.hgh10.com/using-hgh-as-a-bodybuilding-supplement/

But athletic commissions and oversight boards are becoming more and more strict about how an athlete gains that competitive edge. The goal is to make the competition about how well an athlete can perform naturally, under the influence only of good nutrition, a well planned and executed training regimen, and the human drive to excel.

As a result, athletes using substances like steroids, stimulants and other drugs are banned from competition.

In recent years, many athletes have been trying to get past the regulations by using Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, as part of their body building routine.

HGH in adults can boost energy and endurance and encourages the building of lean muscle mass. It also helps fend off the debilitating effects of age, allowing athletes to add several years to their careers. And in this arena, that can mean a lot of money.

In order to get the full benefit of this option, athletes had been turning to injections of synthetic HGH. This method is fast and effective, giving dramatic, short term results.

HGH levels, which are very high during our teenage years when the bulk of our muscular development occurs, drops quickly after we reach twenty. Many experts are reported as saying that this drop is the primary cause of aging in humans. One of the primary symptoms of lowered HGH levels is the loss of bone density and lean muscle mass. HGH injections can slow and even reverse this trend. For more info on HGH injections go here .

But injections are not without a downside. There are several serious side effects associated with HGH injections including carpal tunnel syndrome, water retention, joint and bone disorders and organ enlargement. For a comprehensive list of HGH adverse effects visit http://www.hgh10.com/hgh-side-effects-and-risks/

HGH injections are very expensive, and must be acquired with a prescription. This makes it difficult or impossible for many athletes to use it.

And in recent years, it has become illegal to use HGH injections in most competitive sports. New test methods are being developed to make it as easy to detect artificial HGH levels as it is to check for steroids and stimulants.

Still wanting to reap the benefits of HGH but not risk expulsion and side effects, many are turning to another source of Human Growth Hormone therapy.

HGH Supplements

According to HGH10 products, like Sytropin, a veteran of the HGH supplement marketplace, work by stimulating the human pituitary gland, the source of natural HGH in the body. Sytropin and its counterparts, also known as HGH releasers, encourage the pituitary to release more Human Growth Hormone than it normally does in the user’s current stage of life.

Since the HGH levels produced by these supplements is naturally occurring, the use of these products is not currently banned in sports.

While it can take up to six months for products like Sytropin to become fully effective, many modern athletes are making these supplements a part of their daily body building routine. For more on Sytropin HGH spray go to http://www.hgh10.com/sytropin-review/

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