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Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2024 -- As a premier Houston IT consulting company, AVATAR Managed Services understands that no cookie-cutter solution can be applied across all businesses that need information technology as a critical part of day-to-day operations. Every company is unique, offering a set of challenges and opportunities as the business changes and the supporting technology tools evolve. A proactive IT strategy is considered important as risk can be reduced by planning to stay ahead of cyber security threats, hardware obsolescence, and changes in regulations. Another major benefit in adopting a proactive approach rather than a reactive stance is that budgeting decisions can be made and change can be managed in a controlled manner. There may be times of the year that are particularly busy for a business, and change during that critical period may need to be minimized as any downtime could affect access to data, a delivery schedule, or cause confusion if the change is introducing or modifying a process that is key. Planning ahead, often months ahead, allows the client to pinpoint optimal times when changes can be carried out, often considering 'what if' scenarios in case a change fails and then has to be backed out.

As Houston cybersecurity solution providers, AVATAR Managed Services first looks to assess the current IT health of a system in order to carry out a gap analysis, identifying what will be required to bridge the gaps in order to become compliant. Once the necessary steps have been collated, they can be assigned and planned. Some of the changes required may be prerequisites for later upgrades or modifications, so understanding the critical path and the dependencies becomes important to achieve compliance in an efficient and cost-effective program. The 'overall IT Health' assessment consists of over three hundred indicators that can be measured and quantified. The assessment can be repeated periodically to check progress is being made. With so many indicators to choose from, there will be priorities and some results that are deemed low priority. Taking a holistic view is helpful, although focusing in on the most important key indicators is the best way to drive a return on investment. For instance, if customer satisfaction, average time to answer calls, first call resolution rate, or average resolution time are a particular cause for concern, then the 'average overall score' may misrepresent the driving reason for changes in process or upgrades to technology.

New equipment and upgrades to existing information technology infrastructure are likely to be a part of any roadmap for the future as new generations of hardware and software are released. Over time, the prices may also change, so weighing potential future changes along with the budget can help to strike a balance between what is achievable today versus what is achievable in the longer term. Many companies now are looking to move away from data stored on-premise to data storage in the cloud, with the many advantages that can be offered by autoscaling and flexibility. AVATAR has experience with on-premise clients, clients that have fully migrated to the cloud, and some who opt for a hybrid model with a mix of both. Technology support and IT managed services encompass more than IT alone, extending to the processes that secure data, support creating the documentation that can ensure consistency and safeguard comprehensive guidelines for existing staff and new recruits, and also training for unexpected scenarios such as what to do if there is a suspected cybersecurity attack.

A representative from AVATAR Managed Services explains: "AVATAR Managed Services provides managed IT services and cybersecurity services for growing businesses in Texas. When you partner with us, we will drive efficiencies within your IT environment in such a way as to eliminate problems before they happen. Our commitment to you is to provide a lightning-fast response to issues should they arise. We guide you using a strategic roadmap into the future, harnessing technology to gain a competitive edge, minimizing disruption, mitigating risks, and managing IT costs."

As one of the premier IT companies in Houston, TX, AVATAR Managed Services begins by offering a complimentary IT assessment to establish a baseline of the initial IT operation before they are engaged. Their quantitative measurements can be repeated over time to demonstrate improvements and changes. Understanding which metrics and core competencies are important to the client is critical, so a tailored plan is developed built on the commitment to help the client's business grow while being secure.

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AVATAR Managed Services, one of the premier IT companies in Houston, TX, provides IT solutions and help create a technical roadmap for clients to embrace the best that IT has to offer their unique business needs, leveraging information technology to protect their brand, be competitive in their marketplace, keep client data secure, communicate efficiently, and have a robust plan to keep running when the unexpected happens. Staying current in a rapidly changing IT landscape is challenging, especially when the core business has nothing to do with IT. As a Houston managed computer solutions company, clients are free to focus on their strengths, with AVATAR Managed Services supporting technology needs such as proactive IT management, cybersecurity solutions, IT project management resources, Houston IT consulting, data backup, and disaster recovery strategies, migrating to the cloud, a rapid response Houston IT Helpdesk, a holistic view of Houston IT services, and Houston cybersecurity compliance. AVATAR's staff are trained to the highest standards, and an ongoing development program ensures that skills are updated. In a world increasingly dependent on information technology, the dedicated team at AVATAR remains its greatest asset.

AVATAR is ranked as a top Managed Services Provider by MSPmentor. Across Texas, more businesses trust AVATAR for their IT support than any other company. AVATAR is also proud to be on the Pioneer 250 list within the CRN MSP 500 List for 2023.

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