How Leathwaite Uses Data to Redefine HR Leadership


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2024 -- According to a survey conducted by Leathwaite, 37% of survey respondents are gearing up to introduce an HR Chief Data and Analytics Officer within the next 12 months. This strategic move underscores the increasing recognition of data and analytics as crucial for enhancing the value delivered by HR functions. As organisations strive to navigate complexities and gain a competitive edge, the role of data in shaping human resources strategies and operations cannot be overstated.

Enter Leathwaite, a global leader in securing the finest HR and human capital talent for CEOs, Boards, and HR leaders. Working with Leathwaite becomes particularly advantageous in this context for several reasons. Firstly, their extensive global network and sector-agnostic approach ensure access to the most diverse and impactful candidate pool, including those with specialised skills in HR data and analytics. Secondly, Leathwaite's consultants are stationed across North America, Europe, and Asia. They offer unparalleled expertise in identifying and recruiting leaders who excel in data management and drive strategic HR initiatives aligning with overarching business goals.

Leathwaite's commitment to excellence is evident from its track record of facilitating strategic partnerships and fostering growth, transformation, and innovation across critical business phases, including mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring. Leathwaite has expertly guided the recruitment of market-leading Chief Human Resources and People Officers. The firm advises building top-tier teams and sources critical HR talent for private equity firms and their portfolio companies.

Moreover, the need for improvement in data and analytics within HR functions has been identified, with Leathwaite playing a pivotal role in addressing this gap. Their expertise lies in recruiting the right talent and understanding the evolving needs of the HR sector, including integrating data analytics to drive strategic decisions.

As organisations recognise the strategic importance of HR in addressing business-critical challenges—from developing inclusive cultures and diverse teams to redefining ways of working—partnering with Leathwaite ensures they are well-equipped to not only meet these demands but to thrive in today's dynamic business environment and into the future.

About Leathwaite
Leathwaite has 25 years' experience partnering with leaders to support executive recruitment of the best, and most diverse, talent. The team has expertise across a broad spectrum of executive recruitment that includes executive search, executive interim and data and insights.

Leathwaite knows the corporate officer and corporate function landscape better than anyone. It has been placing senior functional leaders for more than 20 years working with CEO and Board, Finance, Technology, Human Resources, Legal, risk and compliance, Operations, Marketing and more.

There should be no limits when it comes to executing a top-flight search. That's why Leathwaite takes an industry agnostic approach. Leathwaite will find you the finest corporate officers, no matter the industry whether that's Consumer Markets, Financial Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Industrial Markets, Private Equity and Venture Capital, Professional Services, Real Estate or Technology and Telecoms.

Successful executive recruitment requires an extensive network of global connections, somehing that the firm has been able to cultivate since it was first established in 1999 - locations today including Hong Kong, London, New York, Miami, Singapore, and Toronto.

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