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How to Clean Vinyl Glue-Down Flooring


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2013 -- I constantly am getting asked how to clean vinyl floor like VCT (vinyl composition tile), vinyl wood look planks and so on. The key to cleaning these types of flooring is to not use too much water and to use the correct cleaner. Now days, there are a lot of regulations that govern VOCs or volatile organic compounds, which are used in the adhesive that holds the vinyl flooring to the concrete or subflooring. Due to the regulations, we see adhesive failing if too much water is consistently wicking in-between seams of the tile or planks. To prevent this, wring out your mop and damp mop the floors. Make sure the water dries shortly after mopping; don’t let water sit on the floors.

Another very important suggestion is to use PH neutral floor cleaning products. Most off the shelf floor products are alkaline or acidic. These chemicals degrade the wax, sealant and adhesive. PH neutral floor cleaning products can be purchased at most do-it-yourself stores or janitorial supply stores.

Last, make sure to maintain properly layers of sealer and/or wax to protect the vinyl flooring. For more details. Please Visit