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Hydroponics Equipment from Green Horizons Hydroponics Helps People Grow Safe, GMO-Free Foods


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2012 -- Recently, many news stories have focused on the increasing prevalence of genetically modified foods, which are made with genetically modified organisms, also known as GMO. The idea of eating fruits, vegetables and other foods that have been altered in this way is both creepy and concerning to many people.

As a result of this disturbing trend, many consumers are looking into the idea of growing some of their own produce. As a bonus, planting fruits and vegetables at home can also help save people a lot of money on their grocery bills.

A company has been creating quite a buzz lately for its outstanding selection of hydroponics supplies and equipment that allow people to grow their own produce right from the comfort of their home in an affordable and reliable way.

Since 2011, Green Horizons Hydroponics has offered its customers the best hydroponics equipment at discounted prices. Their store includes everything that people need to start growing their own fruits and vegetables.

Because the staff at the online retailer understands that not everybody is familiar with this unique way to grow plants, they are ready and willing to help beginners as well as more experienced customers to learn everything they need to know about hydroponics.

For example, in the Blog section located on the easy-to-use website, a helpful video provides a tutorial on how to start using hydroponics. And in the Learning Center section of the site, which can be accessed through a handy tab located near the top of the home page, customers can read through a variety of educational and in-depth articles that explain in easy-to-understand terms anything and everything related to hydroponics.

“Hydroponics is a system of growing terrestrial plants by using water and mineral nutrients, without using soil,” an article on the website explained, adding that plants are grown with their roots submerged in mineral solution only or in the substrate, which include perlite, sawdust, woodchips and other options.

“Customarily, the roots grow within the substrate to anchor the plants within the trough. Most terrestrial plants will thrive with hydroponics.”

People who are ready to give hydroponics a try will find everything they need to get started and grow delicious, healthy and safe fruits and vegetables at Green Horizons Hydroponics. Shopping through the website is easy, and every product—from growing mediums and soils to lighting and accessories and more—is accompanied by a photo, and detailed information about the item, pricing and shipping.

About Green Horizons Hydroponics
Green Horizons Hydroponics has been an online retailer for discount Hydroponics supplies since early 2011. They are also an authority on the subject and are willing to help beginners and experienced gardeners with any questions related to hydroponics. For more information, please visit http://www.greenhorizonshydroponics.com