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Ian Andrews Funding Consumer Reviews Website


Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2015 -- Ian Andrews, the founder of the Ian Andrews Corporation, has announced that he will continue to assist consumers in researching potential purchases by funding a new consumer reviews website. The site Andrews is backing, which is already accepting submissions for product reviews , seeks to adhere to many of the same principles upon which the Ian Andrews Corporation was founded, and the site's mission is consistent with the goals of previous projects funded by Andrews and his company.

"It should be quite clear that consumers have adopted a more analytical approach when it comes to the overwhelming majority of purchases, even when those purchases can be considered relatively minor," said Andrews, explaining his rationale for supplying the funding for the new site. "This sort of approach requires the kind of detailed information that can only be found through in-depth research, and it is the goal of the site to streamline this analytical approach by providing quick and easy access to relevant information regarding any product or service."

Andrews' involvement in this new website should come as no surprise, as his company has long espoused a similar approach and has repeatedly stated the importance of thorough research when it comes to making any decision. This philosophy is obviously applicable to consumer purchasing practices, and having a detailed and subjective analysis so easily accessible makes it far more likely that consumers will be able to make informed decisions when making purchases.

"The key is to provide the information in a way that represents a complete view of the product from an entirely subjective viewpoint," explained Andrews. "It is important to remember that every consumer is different and uses different evaluative measures that result in a product being incredibly valuable to one consumer yet entirely worthless to another."

Andrews then went on to explain that it is not this site's goal to tell a consumer what is good and what is not, but rather to provide the information in a way that allows the consumer to make an informed decision that accounts for their own personal measures of value. It is in this way that the site Andrews is funding is different from many other consumer review sites, as many reviewers still evaluate products with the goal of determining a product's overall value rather than explaining why a product may be valuable to one segment of the consumer population but less so to another.

About Ian Andrews
Ian Andrews is the founder of the Ian Andrews Corporation, a company that is involved in a number of endeavors related to consumer affairs. A passionate entrepreneur who believes in the importance of making detailed information freely available and easily accessible, Andrews' most recent endeavor includes funding a consumer reviews website that provides subjective analysis regarding recently released products and services.