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Important Information About 2017 Tax Refunds for Customers and Taxpayers Released


Traverse City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2016 -- IRS reveals the basic information tax payers needs to know about tax refunds, e-filing, free files and refund calculator for easier tax refunds as well as the tax filing deadline.

On tax refunds, the IRS has provided the national tax reports and refund cycle chart dates. They have equally provided helpful tools for understanding the refund cycles for 2017. Thus making it easier and quicker to receive funds.

The e-filing is a process that helps speed up the IRS refunds. It is a process where taxpayers file the returns form electronically and sign up for direct bank deposits of their received tax refunds. This process is much accepted and stress-free, other than the paper filers who wait for a longer time for their paper checks.  The IRS service also provides free files for taxpayers who make less than $60,000 and also provides an open platform for customers to see if they are qualified for the free files.

The refund calculator is also one of the interesting tools provided by the IRS that aids the taxpayers to calculate their tax refund for the year. The two best available calculators available and provided to the taxpayers by the IRS are made by H & R Block and Turbo Tax. This aids tax calculation estimation without necessarily e-filing with them. Information like the last paystub and filing status are needed to be filled by the taxpayer so as to get an estimated tax refund amount for 2017.

The filing deadline provided is 15th April but earlier filings saves stress and aid faster refunds.

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