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Improved Fusion Data Records with the DataLogger

The durable McElroy® DataLogger tablet is a versatile method for keeping track of important joint fusion data in an all-in-one solution with cloud backup. McElroy is continually introducing new capabilities to the tablet, and one of the most recent adds the promise of enhanced backup.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2021 -- In the event of an incident on the job, the McElroy Vaultâ„¢ feature automatically backs up fusion data. Users now have another way, thanks to the 1.16 device upgrade, to keep these critical records secure at all times, and all they need is a regular Micro SD card.

It's easy to enable a Micro SD card. Simply go to the System portion of the Settings menu, select SD Card Status, press the System Settings button, and then press Yes when asked to open System Settings after inserting the card into the DataLogger.

At the Storage settings screen, scroll down and select Erase USB/SD card storage, then follow the on-screen instructions to get the SD ready to record fusion results.

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