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Increasing Physical Activity in Only Seven Days


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- Numerous studies, essays, magazine articles, and doctor recommendations constantly drive home how important it is to be active. Physical activity increases cardiovascular health, reduces weight, provides mental wellness and can stave off various illnesses associated. While many know the benefits, they find it hard to turn a sedentary life into one that incorporates a fitness routine. Hours at the gym are not necessary, here are several tips to get started moving more in as little as seven days.

Motivation sometimes comes in numbers, whether its weight on the scale going down, the amount of weight being lifted going up, or the number of steps one takes in a day. Buying a pedometer can help get individuals walking by giving them a goal, or even revealing their accomplishment of taking more steps today than they did yesterday. Walks can be done on lunch breaks, after school, or during regular activities. Add an extra load of laundry to your daily routine, and watch the numbers of steps soar.

If laundry is in the basement, taking the stairs is another way to become more active. Stair climbing also increases cardiovascular output, aiding in improving heart health during an already necessary activity. Activity can be added to other daily parts of our routines as well: maybe squats while brushing our teeth, or lunges while cleaning the house. Any small exercise will reward our health.

The more movement accomplished, the more benefits individuals experience: increased energy, more appetite control to make healthier choices, and even more restful sleep have all been reported in those who increased their activity level. Taking small steps one week may eventually turn into a full length walk the next, and soon you are on your way to a healthier life.

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