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Internet Marketing Expert and Coach Robert Clark Announces Growing Success of SEO Money Trainer


Tustin, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2012 -- Internet marketing expert and coach Robert Clark is pleased to announce the growing success of his SEO training tool SEO Money Trainer. The SEO expert and Facebook marketing coach is a founding member of the Empower Network and creator of several cutting-edge online marketing strategies that have revolutionized Internet marketing for average people.

After deciding to find the career that fulfilled his personal passion and helping others do the same, Robert Clark found himself immersed in Online Network Marketing. After a trial-and-error period, he discovered a simple process that allowed him to make over $3,000 in just ten days. Clark dubbed the process the SEO Money Trainer and began teaching it to others via the Empower Network. “With the latest Google Panda updates, blog and website owners are having an even more difficult time attracting traffic and therefore new customers for monetized sites,” said Clark. “My SEO Money Trainer shows how to get your blog or website ranked at the top of Google fast and begin seeing sell-thru traffic.”

At its core, the Empower Network (E.N.) is a world-class blogging platform that is growing at a rate that rivals many authority sites by giving every member their own personal WordPress blog. Each blog is pre tuned for SEO and Web 3.0 optimization via the Empower Network-provided social media tools including Facebook, emails, videos and webinars that encourage sell thru. “The sheer size of all of the combined posts enables high Google and other search engine rankings that allow the blogs to go viral much faster,” said Clark.

With the Empower Network’s Web 3.0 integration already in place, members only need to focus on generating a handful of leads each week. “All members are enrolled in a monthly payment cycle that provides passive and residual Income that lasts due to its 100-percent commission structure,” said Clark. “I have had brand new members with no online marketing experience generate leads from their very first blog posts.”

In fact, in just a few short months, more than 20,000 members have joined, $3,000,000 has been paid out in commissions to its members and 431,000 pages have been indexed in Google (it’s already an authority site). In addition to the SEO Money Trainer, the Empower Network has a number of training tools that are simple and effective. For more information, please visit http://robertclarkmtfs.com/

About Robert Clark MTFS
Robert Clark is a highly sought after Search Engine Optimization expert and Facebook marketing coach. He is a founding member of the Empower Network and creator of several cutting edge online marketing strategies. His flagship training program known as SEO Money Trainer teaches average people how to utilize optimized SEO and Web 3.0 to maximize monetization of websites and blogs.