Joe Bragg Releases iPhone 4S Replacement Parts, Including Easy Battery Replacements


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- Apple products are incredibly popular throughout the world. From the iPad to the iPhone, Apple hardware has become a ubiquitous part of many peoples’ lives. But Apple products tend to have a higher failure rate than products offered by other hardware manufacturers, forcing users to pay an expensive repair bill to Apple headquarters every few years.

That’s a problem that seeks to solve. At, visitors will find a selection of iPhone and iPad replacement parts for all versions of the devices. Replacement parts include batteries, phone covers, home buttons, and other customization options. Some people order these parts in order to fix their phone, while other people use these parts to simply customize their device.

Using the website is designed to be as easy as possible. Visitors simply choose their model of iPhone or iPad from the left-side menu. has parts for all iPhone models, including:

-iPhone 3G
-iPhone 3GS
-iPhone 4G
-iPhone 4S
-iPhone 5

The site also has parts for all versions of the iPad, including the iPad 1 through 4 as well as the iPad Mini. iPad parts include a new side volume button and a replacement touch screen glass assembly.

As a spokesperson for explains, batteries tend to be the most popular item sold through the site:

“As powerful as Apple hardware is, batteries in the iPhone and iPad tend to decline in power over time. The iPhone that once lasted all day without needing to be recharged may now last only half a day. Instead of simply putting up with this problem, we’ve come up with a better solution – replacing the battery by simply ordering replacement parts online. Our battery replacement part packages include all of the tools needed to replace the lithium ion battery in any iPhone.”

The parts are also designed to be affordably priced. The iPhone 4S battery replacement kit, for example, costs $4.50, while other parts can be found for under $1. The website promises that all goods are sold wholesale in order to push prices as low as possible.

Whether searching for iPhone 4S parts or interested in customizing an iPad with a unique home button and cover, aims to supply visitors with all of the parts they need to keep their Apple hardware in the best possible condition.

About is an Apple repair parts retailer that offers battery replacement kits for most iPhone and iPad models. The website also sells repair parts like replacement home buttons, replacement back covers, and more. For more information, please visit: