Niche Market Secrets Gives "the Diet Solution" Readers a Place to Connect and Learn About the Popular Author


Loudon, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2012 -- Professional dieticians often attract a large following of fans online. Internet users can turn to these dieticians for advice and learn more about how to eat right and lose weight. And when dieting knowledge combines with writing skills, a cult of personality can be created around that dietician.

Such is the case with Isabel De Los Rios, the popular author of “The Diet Solution” program. “The Diet Solution” is a collection of dieting ebooks and instructional guides that show readers how to quickly and easily achieve their weight loss goals through dietary changes. And one website wants to make sure fans of Isabel De Los Rios have a place to discuss “The Diet Solution” and learn more about the author herself.

That website is As a fan website, features detailed information about Isabel herself, including her educational background and current work. There is also a review of various texts written by Isabel, including a discussion of “The Diet Solution” program.

The site’s articles cover a wide range of dieting topics. One recent article profiled secret weight loss tips that visitors might not know about. Another article discussed the effectiveness and legitimacy of the paleo diet, which restricts users to plants, nuts, and seeds that were eaten by humankind’s ancestors prior to the Agricultural Revolution. encourages visitors to comment on the articles and interact with the Isabel De Los Rios community. A spokesperson explained why commenters play an important role in the success of the fan site:

“Many of our articles are designed to foster discussion. Sometimes, our articles deal with topics covered in books written by Isabel. In other cases, we talk about weight loss guides from other authors. We encourage our visitors to comment on our pages and let us know what they think about the topics being covered. Whether sharing their personal weight loss stories or talking about a book they recently read, every comment is a valuable addition to the community.”

Once visitors have learned enough about Isabel De Los Rios and her popular “The Diet Solution” program, they can purchase the program directly from the website. The site provides a link to the program’s sales page, which means that visitors can go from learning about Isabel De Los Rios to purchasing the world’s most popular Isabel De Los Rios book in just a few clicks.

About is a fan site dedicated to Isabel De Los Rios, the author of “The Diet Solution” program. “The Diet Solution” provides dieting advice that helps readers lose weight in a safe, effective, and easy way. For more information, please visit: