Jackof-alltrades.com Is Pleased to Present an Exciting Range of Outdoor Gear and Accessories

Motorcycle Jewelry, Leather Knee Pads, Riding Gear, Riding Boots and More


Reston, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2017 -- Jackof-alltrades.com is pleased to present an exciting range of outdoor gear and accessories. These products enhance the outdoor experience be it biking, riding, camping, etc.

Here is a list of latest additions to the store:

Motorcycle/ Scooter Handlebar Security Lock – This is an excellent product to protect the motorbikes or scooters from theft. This new security lock fits most bikes and motorcycles. The croc-lock cannot be easily broken and keeps the thieves away from the bikes.

Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Headset – This two-piece helmet headset comes with a built-in battery. It acts as an intercom and is great for communicating when separated during the drives without the need for using phones. It works on Bluetooth, is waterproof, has FM and reduces noise as well.

Thermal Sleeping Bags – These bags are a must for any camping trip. They come in the shape of the envelope which helps one slip into it easily without having to zipping and unzipping the bags. They are also water resistant. They are light in weight, can be easily folded and stored away in a corner.

Motorcycle Helmet Goggles – Available in different sizes, the motorcycle helmet goggles protect the eyes from dirt and dust. These goggles can also be used for skiing and skating. They come in a variety of sizes starting from S to XXL and are perfect for outdoor biking.

Motorcycle Gloves – The windproof and waterproof motorcycle gloves offer warmth during the chilled drives. They fit the hand perfectly giving full coverage for the fingers. They also offer a perfect grip for a perfect ride.

Cycling Gloves – The half finger cycling gloves are perfect for both men and women who are cycling enthusiasts. These gloves offer perfect grip, they are shockproof and anti-static. They are available in attractive colors. The cycle gloves are made up of lycra, nylon and polyester for extreme durability.

Riding Boots – One should check out the collection of riding boots here. From sneakers to casual books, canvas sneakers to leather boots, waterproof shoes to ankle shoes, there are so many models to choose from.

This is a place for bikers and biking enthusiasts. They can find the latest and the best products at best prices. To browse through the product line visit https://www.jackof-alltrades.com.

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