Jeannette Melton Debuts First Ebook - The Forgetful Tooth Fairy


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2013 -- Jeannette Melton is delighted to announce the release of her Children’s Ebook, “The Forgetful Tooth Fairy”. This is Jeannette’s first children’s book and was born from the time that the tooth fairy forgot to come to her daughter’s bedside two nights in her row leaving Jeannette racked with guilt and quickly having to come up with a plausible reason for why the tooth fairy could possibly have forgotten.

The Tooth Fairy coming to take away baby teeth and leave a lovely surprise behind is a monumental event in a child’s life and the tooth fairy failing to appear can have a crushing effect on a child. This book is going to be the saving grace of many a forgetful parent and will help to placate a disappointed child with reassurance and the promise that she will eventually turn up.

Jeannette states: “When my daughter was younger, the tooth fairy (me) had a lot on her plate.  When she lost her tooth, she told me (her mother) that she was placing her tooth underneath her pillow so that the tooth fairy would come.  I fully intended to get up in the night to remove the tooth and leave something special in its place, but tragically I overslept.  My daughter was upset, but I reassured her that she would appear, only to repeatedly forget the second night. My daughter was in tears and very sad the next day, but her aunt told her that we have to contact the Tooth Fairy King to fire the tooth fairy. This was what inspired me to write this series of books. “

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About "The Forgetful Tooth Fairy"
The Forgetful Tooth Fairy is a fairy tale, a children's story, about a forgetful tooth fairy who cannot remember to visit the children who have lost their tooth. The fairy tale centers around the tooth fairy kingdom where The Forgetful Tooth Fairy who was known at birth as Beautiful Flower is now gets her name due to her forgetfulness.

The tooth fairies in Fairy Land are assigned to keep the kingdom clean. This includes visiting children who have lost their tooth. The tooth fairies patiently wait for the loose tooth to come out. There the children place their tooth under the tooth pillow waiting for a visit for the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy visits the children once they are asleep to get the tooth from under the tooth pillow. When the tooth is picked up the tooth fairy leaves a special gift for the children.

In this children's book, the Tooth Fairy King find that the children and their parents are sad from the missed visits by tooth fairy who really wouldn't remember to her name if you didn't tell her.

The tooth fairies come together to make sure that children's teeth are picked up to prevent the continued sadness by throughout the kingdom.