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JRE Private Limited Supplying the Best Rubber, Composite, PTFE and Stainless Steel Hoses for Various Applications

To cater to the several different requirements of its industrial clients, JRE Private Limited is manufacturing a variety of flexible hose assemblies in varied materials, from rubber to steel.


Mumbai, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2020 -- JRE Private Limited was established in the year 1981 by Late Shri J.M. Mehta, the founder of the JR Group of Companies. JRE Private Limited operates through two business verticals, one being a manufacturer of flexible hose assemblies and fittings while the other being a representative of specialised equipment. The manufacturing division of JRE produces stainless steel hoses, rubber hoses, and composite and PTFE hoses for various industries. The manufacturing unit of JRE is ISO, CE, ATEX certified. The manufacturer additionally represents several other companies from Germany, England, Belgium, and Switzerland.

In the latest media interview, the spokesperson of JRE Private Limited asserted, "Our flexible hose assembly business is now widely popular in India and across the world due to our proven track record of offering supreme product quality and design. We currently not just offer rubber hoses but also corrugated SS flexible Hoses, PTFE smooth and convoluted bore flexible hoses, cryogenic hoses, and thermoplastic composite and PVC hoses. Additionally, we have dry break couplings, break away couplings, ducting, metal and rubber bellows, marine loading arms, and quick-release hose connections to meet any application needing flexible connections."

For its clients wanting to buy top composite hose, JRE presents custom hoses designed for specific applications. There are JRE OIL, JRE CHEM and JRE PTFE hoses available. The construction of a composite hose includes an inner and outer wire helix that holds multiple plies of composite material, such as polypropylene and PTFE, and that is externally covered with PVC-woven polyethylene terephthalate polyester fabric with spiral spring to prevent collapse. In case the service is for a cryogenic hose, then the construction material can be with polyamide, nanotech material and Aramex braid/cover.

The spokesperson also shared, "We offer a variety of utility rubber hoses, including heavy-duty air/water hoses, rock drill hoses, steam hoses, and pneumatic tool hoses. While our heavy-duty air/water hoses are suitable for general-purpose air and water applications in industries and irrigation, our rock drill hoses are fit for open cast mines and quarries for use in pneumatic air applications. Our pneumatic tool hoses find use in the process industry and any compressed air application. These hoses have a natural rubber cover and natural/synthetic rubber blend lining."

For the industries looking for flexible hose manufacturer, JRE offers high-quality, smooth-bore and corrugated-bore flexible Teflon hoses that are used for the transfer of aggressive chemicals like weak acids, chlorine, acetyl chloride, ammonium nitrate, oleum and molten sulphur. These flexible hoses are resistant to weather, ageing, and diffusion. Apart from that, the manufacturer supplies stainless steel corrugated hoses that may be applied wherever rubber and plastic hoses do not work, and flexible pipes are necessary.

About JRE Private Limited
JRE Private Limited is the best supplier of flexible hose assemblies and couplings. From FDA and PTFE hoses to roof drain hoses and systems, its clients can get all types of hose assemblies for specific applications. JRE also represents other brands like TODO, Ditec and Wiese Europe. The manufacturer focuses on delivering zero-defect products by following a stringent quality management process and upgrading its technology constantly.

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