Leathwaite's Innovative Approach to Leadership Roles


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2024 -- In a time where leadership roles are rapidly evolving, Leathwaite has positioned itself as a pivotal force in reshaping the future of executive teams globally. Their approach to identifying and connecting transformative and diverse leaders with leading organisations is nothing short of innovative. Leathwaite is revolutionising the approach to leadership roles, ensuring that businesses are equipped for the present and poised for future success.

Redefining Leadership Teams Globally

Working closely with Boards and Executive Committees, Leathwaite plays a crucial role in evolving the future shape of leadership teams worldwide. They specialise in sourcing exceptional, transformative, and diverse leaders, which has become increasingly vital in today's business environment. With access to an extensive global network of senior corporate officer talent, Leathwaite stands out in its ability to diversify the makeup of boards and invoke meaningful change and transformation.

Leathwaite's client base is as varied as it is extensive, ranging from large global listed entities and multinationals to private equity-backed and family-owned firms. This diversity in clientele underscores their understanding of the increasingly complex role of the Board. They support these entities in finding the right CEOs and non-executive Board members to navigate and lead businesses through a volatile global landscape.

Comprehensive Leadership Solutions

Leathwaite's services extend beyond traditional executive searches. They offer independent board assessments, market mapping, salary benchmarking, and succession planning strategies. This holistic approach ensures the identification of high-potential talent with a growth mindset, giving access to the next generation of leaders. Leadership, the cornerstone of any organisation's success, requires a nuanced approach. Leathwaite's expertise lies in appointing board-level talent with the vision and agility to drive innovation, engagement, and sustainable growth.

Global Expertise in Key Leadership Areas

Leathwaite's global team, spanning Europe, North America, and Asia, specialises in key leadership areas including:

- divisional/regional CEO
- Managing Director
- Chair
- Non-Executive Directors
- Committee Chairs (Risk, Audit, Remuneration)

Their expertise also extends to pre-IPO board building, highlighting their comprehensive understanding of the lifecycle of corporate leadership needs.

In recent years, operating officers across operations, strategy, supply chain, or corporate function leadership have gained significant prominence. As organisations navigate through growth and transformation, these leaders have been elevated to Executive Committee and Board level status, adding more value than ever before. The COO, in particular, has evolved into a trusted right-hand person of the CEO, often spearheading the execution of company strategy while ensuring efficient and effective operations.

Tailored Searches for Diverse Operational Roles

Leathwaite's extensive track record over the past 20 years in working with CEOs and boards is a testament to their ability to assemble the best leadership teams. Their experience spans across various operational roles, including:
- Head of Operations
- Supply Chain
- Procurement
- Corporate Real Estate Services (CRES).

They understand how the demands of these roles vary by sector and what constitutes success in each.

Expertise Across Functional Specializations

Leathwaite's team of experienced search consultants is strategically located across North America, EMEA, and Asia, bringing functional specialist knowledge to both permanent and interim executive searches. Their expertise is not confined to a singular area; instead, it spans a broad range of disciplines covering:
- COO roles
- Operations
- Supply chain
- Corporate real estate
- Procurement
- Chief of staff
- Customer service
- Digital
- Data

This breadth of experience enables them to deliver high-level talent across diverse sectors, ensuring a match in technical skill and cultural fit.

Succession Planning and Market Mapping

Succession planning and market mapping form a critical component of Leathwaite's services. This foresight aids their clients in preparing for future leadership changes, ensuring continuity and sustained growth. By providing market mapping, Leathwaite supports its clients in understanding the current talent landscape, aiding them in strategic planning and benchmarking for their leadership roles.

Commitment to Finding Exceptional Talent

Leathwaite's commitment to sourcing exceptional talent is unwavering. They understand that the right leadership can profoundly impact an organisation's trajectory. Therefore, their technical and cultural approach ensures a harmonious integration of new leaders into existing corporate ecosystems. This involves a close partnership with clients to understand their unique requirements and adapt their search methodology accordingly.
Leathwaite's unique shape and size allow them to put clients and candidates first, tailoring their approach to each unique scenario. This agility is crucial in the fast-paced world of leadership recruitment, where the needs and dynamics of organisations are constantly evolving.

Evolving with the Changing Face of Leadership

As the business world continues to evolve, so do the requirements for effective leadership. Leathwaite's innovative approach to leadership roles is characterised by their ability to anticipate and respond to these changes. Their global reach and deep sector expertise enable them to identify and nurture leaders who can drive businesses forward in an increasingly complex and volatile world.

Leathwaite's innovative approach to leadership roles defines the future of executive teams and board compositions globally. Their commitment to identifying and connecting transformative, diverse leaders with market-leading organisations is reshaping how businesses approach executive talent acquisition. As the corporate world navigates an era marked by rapid change and uncertainty, Leathwaite's role becomes more crucial. They are not merely filling leadership positions; they are sculpting the future of businesses by providing them with leaders who can navigate challenges, embrace transformation, and drive sustainable growth.

About Leathwaite
Leathwaite has 25 years' experience partnering with leaders to support executive recruitment of the best, and most diverse, talent. The team has expertise across a broad spectrum of executive recruitment that includes executive search, executive interim and data and insights.

Leathwaite knows the corporate officer and corporate function landscape better than anyone. It has been placing senior functional leaders for more than 20 years working with CEO and Board, Finance, Technology, Human Resources, Legal, risk and compliance, Operations, Marketing and more.

There should be no limits when it comes to executing a top-flight search. That's why Leathwaite takes an industry agnostic approach. Leathwaite will find you the finest corporate officers, no matter the industry whether that's Consumer Markets, Financial Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Industrial Markets, Private Equity and Venture Capital, Professional Services, Real Estate or Technology and Telecoms.

Successful executive recruitment requires an extensive network of global connections, something that the firm has been able to cultivate since it was first established in 1999 - locations today including Hong Kong, London, New York, Miami, Singapore, and Toronto.

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